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News & Views Podcast | Episode 138: HMRC Tax Crackdown, Start-Up Investments & BNPL in MENA

On this week’s episode of News & Views, the Fintech Times Podcast team speak about HMRC readying Itself to ‘intensify Tax crackdown’ on Cryptocurrency sellers and holders,  how 85 per cent of start-ups in the last three years rely on personal capital to kickstart their businesses, and BNPL moving into the B2B space across the MENA region.

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Paymob and Tamara Bring Payments Gateway Together With BNPL to Create Ecosystem for Merchants

Only 13% of Start-ups Seek Loans from Banks With the Majority Relying on Personal Finances

HMRC Readies Itself to ‘Intensify Tax Crackdown’ on Cryptocurrency Sellers and Holders


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