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News & Views Podcast | Episode 136: The Perfect Payment, Pension Pot Problem & PEP Diligence Drops

On this week’s episode of News & Views, The Fintech Times Podcast team discuss whether we can ever find the perfect payment, talk about the 50% drop in the number of firms upholding strict screening procedures for new customers & review Moneyhubs vision of Commercial Dashboards as a solution to £26.6billion of lost pension pots.

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Worrying Signs for Financial Services as PEP Due Diligence Drops From 66% to 22% Finds SmartSearch

Could the Perfect Payment Ever Exist? With Wise, Phos, Mia-FinTech, OpenOcean and Business Expert

Moneyhub Points to ‘Commercial Dashboards’ as Solution to £26.6Billion of Lost Pension Pot Problem


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