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News & Views Podcast | Episode 107: BNPL & NFTs

News & Views Podcast | Episode 107: BNPL & NFTs

This week on the podcast, Polly and Tyler take a look at some of the fintech news that’s been hitting the industry. 

Tyler led the discussion on payment provider Wert’s new NFT checkout tool for fiat payments, while Polly brought news from Hokodo and BNP Paribas who recently launched a new Buy now pay later (BNPL) solution B2B eCommerce. 

Some discussion points include:

  • Were payment processing and checkout options the only thing holding back the mass adoption of NFTs?
  • What are the benefits of BNPL as a B2B service? 
  • Are NFTs still relevant in today’s industry? 

And much more!

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Articles discussed:

Hokodo and BNP Paribas Launch BNPL Solution For B2B eCommerce

Wert Reveals NFT Checkout Tool For Fiat Payments in Web3


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