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Nagarro CEO Manas Human Discusses Technology, Identity, and AI

In a recent conversation with Mark Walker, Editorial Director at The Fintech Times, Manas Human, CEO of Nagarro, provided insights into the evolution and challenges of his company, his personal journey, and his perspectives on technology and societal issues.

Human highlighted Nagarro’s transformation over the past decade, moving from a series of startup failures to a successful technology company with a broad impact. Nagarro’s software solutions span various sectors, including automotive, aviation, hospitality, and financial services. Human emphasised the company’s role in enhancing customer experiences across these domains, positioning Nagarro as a key player in digital transformation initiatives. The company collaborates closely with management consulting firms to implement detailed roadmaps, driving innovation from inception to execution.

Manas Human
Manas Human, PhD
Custodian of Entrepreneurship in the Organization

Human shared a personal narrative about his decision to change his name, driven by a desire to address irrational hatred and identity-based conflicts. At the age of 50, he reflected on the pervasive issues of nationalism, religion, and political polarisation. His name change symbolises a rejection of these divisive labels, aiming to promote a unified human identity. Human’s experiences living in diverse regions, from the Middle East to Europe, reinforced his belief in the fundamental similarity of people, regardless of their backgrounds. He stressed the importance of marketing the idea of a single human species to combat the risks posed by identity polarisation.

Discussing Nagarro’s mission, Human described the company’s goal to make distance and difference irrelevant, particularly among intelligent individuals. This objective encourages a global perspective among employees spread across 35 countries, fostering collaboration that transcends national and cultural boundaries. Despite recent challenges on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Human remains committed to this vision, balancing short-term financial concerns with a long-term mission to impact the world positively.

At the Dubai Fintech Summit, Human expressed enthusiasm about the Middle East’s growth potential. He highlighted the region’s substantial financial resources, ambitious vision, and long-term planning. The rapid transformation from a historically different economic status to a global powerhouse impresses Human, who appreciates the region’s efforts to become more inclusive and attract international talent. He sees this as a positive force for global peace, complicating the traditional “us versus them” narrative.

On the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), Human shared his views on its role in the future. He acknowledged AI’s potential to revolutionise various sectors, likening its impact to that of electricity. However, he stressed that AI would not replace the need for human collaboration and alignment. While AI can handle specific tasks, the overarching coordination between teams, organisations, and countries will still require human intervention. Human believes the future workforce will need to focus less on technical specifics and more on facilitating collaboration and understanding broader objectives.

Manas Human’s conversation with Mark Walker offers a comprehensive look at his leadership philosophy, Nagarro’s evolution, and the broader societal issues that drive his personal and professional goals. From tackling identity-based conflicts to embracing AI’s potential, Human envisions a future where technology serves to unite rather than divide, fostering a more collaborative and inclusive global community.


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