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MyEtherWallet Launches User-Friendly Web Extension for Polkadot

MEW, the platform to access the Ethereum ecosystem, has launched a new cross-chain browser extension, Enkrypt, which will support transactions across the Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT) ecosystems.

The web extension was built with the support of the Web3 Foundation, a Swiss foundation that nurtures technologies, enabling an internet where users are in control of their own data. Enkrypt supports MEW’s goal of creating seamless, multi-chain access for crypto users, which allows users to onboard into Web3. Its users will, for the first time, gain access to Polkadot, the sharded protocol enabling blockchains to operate seamlessly together at scale.

Web3 Foundation has issued more than 400 grants, driving innovation towards a decentralised and fair internet, and helping provide people with a more user-friendly, seamless and secure way to interact and innovate in the crypto space.

“Interoperability between blockchains has been top-of-mind for MEW users and is a pivotal step towards broader crypto adoption,” said Kosala Hemachandra, CEO and founder of MEW. “Our Enkrypt extension aims to improve the overall user experience of interacting in the multi-chain ecosystem to empower users to access the best parts of Ethereum and Polkadot.”

The Growth of Web3

Developers believe the pending Beacon Chain merge for Ethereum will help facilitate the growth of Web3 by making it easier than ever to participate in the operations of the blockchain. MEW’s Enkrypt extension recognizes the potential of the merge to create more enthusiasm to interact from Ethereum across other blockchains, including Polkadot (DOT).

At launch, MEW’s Enkrypt web extension will allow users to:

  • Transact assets across Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT) ecosystems
  • Available on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers
  • Natively integrate with MEW’s wallet platforms on both browser and mobile.

David Hawig, technical adviser of the Web3 Foundation “We’re always thrilled to support teams that share our vision and values. This integration will provide the Polkadot community with a robust wallet solution that’s easy to use, while also giving MEW’s existing user base access to Polkadot’s vibrant cross-chain ecosystem of general purpose computational platforms and application-specific blockchains.”

At launch, Enkrypt by MEW will provide cross-chain access with the Polkadot ecosystem through integrations with parachains Acala and Moonbeam, along with all of their accompanying canary networks. More parachains and EVM compatible chains will be added in the coming weeks, with ongoing support for native tokens.

Derek Yoo, founder of Moonbeam, said: “DeFi and other Web3 applications are moving to multi-chain architectures in search of new markets. But tools, infrastructure, and wallets largely continue to offer one-chain-at-a-time end user experiences. MEW are building cross-chain awareness into their wallet, which is a critical requirement to support the rising number of protocol deployments and cross-chain integrated scenarios. Ultimately wallets like Enkrypt will help developers offer superior user experiences by streamlining flows and hiding infrastructural complexity from end users.”

Bette Chen, co-founder of Acala, said: “As Web3 and DeFi grow in adoption and seek to reach a mass market audience, MEW’s cross-chain and user-friendly Enkrypt web extension coming into the Polkadot ecosystem is a very strong addition for both developers and users. As a DeFi and liquidity hub on Polkadot, we’re working to enable as many crypto, mainstream, and enterprise users as possible the ability to seamlessly transact across multiple Polkadot-based parachains, as well as external blockchains like Ethereum.”

As the original wallet for Ethereum, MEW has continued to be one of the leading platforms driving innovation and adoption for the various decentralised applications being built on the Ethereum blockchain. MEW’s goal is to provide secure, private and seamless access to Dapps, NFTs, staking services and more throughout the multi-chain map of DeFi


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