Moneymailme, innovative chat and money transfer app

Chat app are great for messaging friends, sharing pictures or emoji, but new fintech start-ups, like Moneymailme, are now making it possible to also send cash around the world, while chatting.

The new Moneymailme app is one of the most comprehensive social money transferring apps connecting dots on the map representation of people communicating, sending money and other files.

Among accomplished regional chat apps with money transfer capabilities, Moneymailme is the first global application that can be used for chatting or sending money in over 100 countries.

Fast and easy to use

Using Moneymailme on your smartphone is as simple as it gets. Get the app for free from the app Store, Google Play, register in three easy steps using your phone number, email and password. Once you have registered, you are immediately logged in and you never have to do this again.

Invite your friends from your contact list in order to chat, share images, videos, other contacts and locations

When your network is complete, you get to use the coolest feature: deposit money, send or request for free and how to withdraw money by filling in your bank account.



Multiple currency transaction

international transfersWhen creating a Moneymailme e-wallet, you can choose your preferred currency, from EURO, USD or GBP. Sending 50 euro from Europe to a friend in the US? No problem. With Moneymailme you can transfer cash, almost anywhere in the world, as easy as sending a picture or a smile. Want to send $10 to a friend in the US from your Moneymailme Euro account? Moneymailme now facilitates foreign exchange transactions! You can now send e-money in three different currencies: British Pounds, Euros and US Dollars.

You can check you transactions anytime with a few taps.


As it is hard for users to find their favorite causes and more, to even donate to them, the new Moneymailme app has also integrated worldwide verified causes, making it easier for users to select the ones they would like to support.


The only way to use the Moneymailme app is through smartphone validation, log-in from another device being impossible. In case a user’s phone gets stolen or lost, it can easily be changed on the web platform.
Moneymailme uses highly advanced security protocols and advanced encryption to offer full protection of its users conversations and transactions.


Moneymailme is the first social money transferring app that allows users to purchase books within the app while chatting. As the company’s vision now includes innovations for fostering cultural exchange, Moneymailme has taken the industry by surprise.

Videocall (New Feature)

Narrow streaming is the new way of communicating. With Moneymailme users have free instant video calls with friends and contacts, and the ability to send or request money, all in the same screen.


by Shane Mcquillan
Moneymailme Limited


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