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Modulus Launches Investment Platform to Support Entrepreneurs During VC Funding ‘Slowdown’

Modulus, the US-based developer of trading and surveillance technology, has released new white-label crowdfunding and private placement platforms for non-accredited investors. 

With the launch, Modulus aims to enable operators to launch their own investment platforms, further driving grassroots investment opportunities.

The firm, which powers global equities, derivatives, and asset exchanges; Fortune 500 firms; government agencies and laboratories; and leading research universities, revealed that its AI-driven approach could help innovators in the AI space to bring their ideas to light.

Richard Gardner, CEO and founder of Modulus
Richard Gardner, CEO and founder of Modulus

Richard Gardner, CEO of Modulus, discussed the high levels of demand for the investment solution: “There is a significant market demand for this technology. Because of the slowdown in VC funding, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for seed and pre-seed funding opportunities. We have the benefit of being able to leverage over 20 million lines of fintech source code at our disposal to develop new applications very rapidly, with best-in-industry security, as well as hyper-scalability.

“If there was ever a time to launch an investment platform, it is now. There’s a major demand in the market which will increase, and current providers haven’t differentiated themselves positively.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest from folks who have great ideas about how to attract users to their marketplace but aren’t familiar with the technology and regulatory requirements to make it work. That’s where our experience and our white-label platforms come into play. Our AI-driven approach ensures the platforms stay regulatorily compliant and matches investors with the most suitable investment opportunities.”

“If there was ever a time to launch an investment platform, it is now.”

“Enabling unsung innovators to find funding”

Earlier this summer, Modulus launched a patent-pending AI conversational assistant tailored to the fintech industry. This month, Modulus CEO Richard Gardner was announced as a new addition to the Board of Directors of the American Society for AI (ASFAI).

“There are a lot of technological advances happening across industries right now, especially related to AI, which makes it even more important that innovators can find appropriate seed funding for their ventures. We very much want to be a part of finding a solution for those entrepreneurs.

“That’s why we’re releasing these new white-label platforms – and we’re seriously considering launching our own crowdfunding platform as well, especially for pre-seed funding. We look forward to new operators entering the investment crowdfunding space and enabling these unsung innovators to find funding,” Gardner explained.

Clearing the regulatory hurdles

Gardner also discussed how Modulus’ expertise in the investment and regulatory spaces could help operators: “One of the biggest concerns for potential operators is how to clear the regulatory hurdles in their jurisdiction. We’ve been following the regulatory landscape across the investment industry for over two decades, and so there’s a great deal of institutional expertise we can offer to make sure that operators don’t run afoul of the law.

“Modulus technology is trusted by some of the most renowned companies in the world. It can withstand the kinds of cyber threats prevalent today, including data breaches, account hijacking, and sophisticated phishing schemes, thanks to our multi-layered security architecture and continuous monitoring mechanisms. Also, our platforms make SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 certification as easy as possible.

“However, it’s crucial to stay updated and proactive, as cyber threats are constantly evolving. We’re very serious about security. Nothing else matters if you can’t keep your users safe.”

Since its foundation in 1997, Modulus has provided fintech products and services to financial exchanges; brokerages; trading firms; hedge funds; and educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions across over 100 countries.


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