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Mexican bank Intercam and Brickblock discussing partnership to offer tokenized ETFs

14/11/2017, Gibraltar: Intercam Banco Founder and President Eduardo Garcia Lecuona has expressed interest in partnering with Brickblock, the first platform to combine cryptocurrencies and real-world assets on the blockchain, to expand his company’s exchange-traded fund (ETF) offerings.

Eduardo Garcia Lecuona has been exploring ways to integrate Intercam’s services with the crypto economy. He has identified Brickblock as an ideal platform through which he can offer his clients forward-thinking investment opportunities. Brickblock’s platform will be the first to combine the trading of tokenized ETFs, real estate, real estate funds, and coin funds in a secure marketplace on the blockchain.

While details of the agreement are still being finalized, the plan is for ETFs issued by Quanta Shares, a subsidiary of Intercam, to be sold through the Brickblock platform. This will be brought to fruition after Brickblock’s ICO is concluded and they have sold the world’s first tokenized apartment over the blockchain in mid-December.

The partnership will start with the sale of one ETF and then expand dependent on the success of the sale. Brickblock’s platform will provide Intercam the unique opportunity of being able to offer its ETFs to investors from all over the world.

“This represents an exciting first step in the international expansion of our ETF platform after the launch of our alpha platform and our ICO. We look forward to fostering a mutually beneficial partnership with Intercam over the long term,” said Brickblock co-founder Jakob Drzazga.

Jenny Corlett


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