MEA Women in Fintech with Madalina Rotaru in Abu Dhabi UAE By Richie Santosdiaz for The FinTech Times
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MEA Women in Fintech with Madalina Rotaru in Abu Dhabi UAE

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is generally an up and coming region with respect to its wider economic development. Specifically, the region has seen a growth and importance in fintech, producing its own unique innovations, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the space. As The FinTech Times in September celebrates the Women in Fintech we take a moment to hear more from some of the leading female leaders in both the Middle East and Africa. One of them is Madalina Rotaru who currently is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Madalina Rotaru currently occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer of Key Way Markets Ltd based in Abu Dhabi
Madalina Rotaru currently occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer of Key Way Markets Ltd based in Abu Dhabi

Madalina Rotaru currently occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer of Key Way Markets Ltd, the operating company of the leading online broker, Having attained a wealth of experience in the financial services domain, she is proficient in the various functions pertaining to online trading, including compliance, marketing, management and regulation. Madalina currently oversees the entirety of the Key Way Markets workforce and manages its global operations, playing an integral role in the enterprise’s continued growth and development. Her current role as CEO has exposed her to exciting and progressive ecosystems across the world, taking her on a journey from East to West. Madalina’s current place of residence, Abu Dhabi, has proven to be an exceedingly interesting environment and a thriving hub of investment potential.

Describe your career journey

I began my career journey years ago as a junior associate at a brokerage house, serving as the basis of my progression, eventually working my way up to the senior executive role I occupy today. My early years provided me with a robust understanding of how an investment company operates. At a young age, I learned the innerworkings of the investment industry profession, how regulations are placed at the starting point and marketing at the centre. I played a role across various departments and have worn multiple hats throughout the years, starting from back office agent to head of the firm’s back office operations, and from chief operating officer to chief executive officer. My career trajectory was defined by consistent hard-work which has resulted in my appointment as the CEO of Key Way Markets, and ultimately reinforces the many years of dedication I’ve spent refining my skills and enhancing my competencies.

As a recognised thought leader and a female, what difficulties have you faced in your career?

It is no secret that the realm of finance is a sector largely dominated by men. As such, I faced a world of difficulty as I attempted to break the proverbial glass ceiling that defers most women from achieving their career aspirations. Seeing as there were only a handful of women occupying key positions across my industry of choice, I was determined to prove myself as a worthy contender, able to place myself amongst a pack of leading women executives. I would like to position my journey as a testament to the significant ability women in the financial industry attain to overcome the hurdles inherent to achieving leadership positions within a corporate structure. My personal progression has only further proven that a woman can be considered a true colleague to any man.

What are the future trends and predictions you see happening in the region?

It is evident that Abu Dhabi is a leading destination for financial and investment activity, with robust international financial centres, such as Abu Dhabl Global Market (ADGM), to reinforce this stature. In line with this, I believe that the appetite in the region for financial services, and specifically progressive digital services, is strong. I expect more entities of this nature to partake in the industry and elevate the nation’s established portfolio of international, regional, and local companies. By that accord, the UAE’s competitive landscape is set to progress significantly, adopting institutions from across various sectors, ultimately looking to the reap the benefits provided by the region.

What advice and recommendations do you want to give future female entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are based in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region?

My most valuable piece of advice, and one that I’ve placed as the basis of my career is: don’t wait for things to happen and actively seek out opportunities you are keen to undertake. An individual’s career journey, and specifically those of women, will not be spoon-fed to them. I encourage women to set their goal and take matters into their own hands in order to seize the opportunities most valuable to them.

Also, I would like to extend an insight that proved to be significantly helpful when enduring difficulties throughout my career journey, one particular to failure. Failure should always be taken as a learning experience, as opposed to a detriment, and be used to fuel one’s drive to continue to succeed.


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