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May at The Fintech Times: Digital Assets

In recent years, digital currencies have been all the rave. However, the idea that digital assets are exclusively some form of currency is slowly falling by the wayside as different use cases are emerging and being rapidly adopted. This May, The Fintech Times is looking to showcase some of these new methods and explore how the digital asset ecosystem is evolving.

Through expert perspectives from industry leaders, we’ll journey through emerging trends, covering a range of topics shaping the growing digital assets landscape. We will:

  • Explore the biggest innovations over the past year in the cryptocurrency, stablecoin, blockchain and digital assets spheres.
  • Dissect the common misconceptions between digital assets and cryptocurrencies and how they can be corrected.
  • Learn about how the development of web3 technologies and the metaverse will impact digital assets’ mainstream growth.
  • Reveal what needs to happen in order for crypto to see greater mainstream adoption as a payment method.
  • Anticipate what needs to happen in order for Bitcoin to break its all-time record again.
  • Explore which countries are leading the stablecoin race and why.
  • Find out how blockchain is being used outside of crypto.
  • Evaluate what the future of blockchain looks like in the next five years.
Join us throughout May for thought leadership on the digital assets industry


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