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 Marqeta, Announced The Release Of Its New 3D Secure Solution, Providing Customizable Authentication For Online Fraud Mitigation

 Marqeta, the world’s first global modern card issuing platform, announced the release of its new 3D Secure solution. Marqeta 3D Secure will not only help card issuers meet regulatory requirements of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) in certain markets, it will also enable these issuers to create tailored cardholder authentication experiences that can help reduce online fraud.

3D Secure is an authentication protocol developed by the card networks. Marqeta’s 3D Secure solution is one of the first modern solutions to get certified with Visa 2.2. Standards and is designed and built in-house to allow for greater customization and control over fraud and authentication decisions.

Twisto, a leading digital banking provider in Eastern Europe, is in development to use Marqeta’s 3D Secure solution to authenticate cardholders with complete control and a seamless cardholder experience. Twisto will leverage Marqeta’s open APIs to design an authentication experience that utilizes biometrics within its mobile banking app to verify cardholders without having to redirect them to unfamiliar websites or enter passwords. With Marqeta’s 3D Secure, Twisto has the ability to participate in the 3D Secure authentication request if and when they want to challenge a cardholder. This allows them to incorporate their own real-time fraud data to make risk decisions and avoid unnecessary friction for cardholders by allowing exemptions for certain transactions.

“Our customers expect a seamless check-out experience with our mobile app and we knew we needed to find a solution that would allow us to reduce fraud while also providing us full control over the cardholder experience. With Marqeta’s APIs, we were able to easily design the authentication process without adding unnecessary friction to the customer experience and are now positioned to expand into new markets faster and more securely,” says Twisto Founder & CEO, Michal Smida.

3D Secure is a protocol that applies to transactions where the card is not present (CNP) such as online and mobile. Card networks, including Visa and Mastercard, expect issuers to be enabled with 3D Secure and Marqeta’s 3D Secure can help European issuers to comply with the SCA regulatory obligations. Visa and MasterCard are also expected to enforce liability shifts which hold issuers liable for fraud if 3DS has been successfully applied. As online transactions continue to increase in the wake of COVID-19, the need for security like 3D Secure is becoming more essential to help fight against fraud across all markets, and not just those that are regulated by SCA. This includes companies in the United States and other markets where 3DS can be applied for better identity management and fraud protection, and not purely to follow mandates. Marqeta’s 3D Secure solution provides multiple options for companies to integrate depending on their specific authentication needs.

Marqeta’s 3D Secure solution will allow issuers to:

  • Own and customize the authentication experience for cardholders. – Authenticate and authorize transactions on one unified platform to minimize integration and cost.
  • Enhance data sharing between parties to better identify cardholders and reduce their friction.

“As businesses turn to digital payments in the face of COVID-19, fraud has become a prevalent issue for consumers. It’s imperative that our customers are provided with complete control over their transactions to help combat fraud and deter risk,” says Marqeta Chief Product Officer, Kevin Doerr. “Our single global platform enables advanced authentication methods for card issuers that improve security without compromising the end user experience.”


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