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March at The Fintech Times: Innovative Technology

We have the invention and evolution of technology to thank for some of humanity’s most significant advances. The invention of the telephone in 1876, the aeroplane in 1903, the computer in 1937, and the internet in 1974 all completely changed how we live our everyday lives. As technology advances, how can the likes of Web3, the metaverse, blockchain and DeFi change the future of fintech? 

Throughout March on The Fintech Times, we consider the topic of innovative technology and which inventions and evolutions could have the biggest impact on fintech.

We consider how new innovative technology, like the metaverse, will change how we interact with the world around us. The potential impact of Web3 and decentralised finance (DeFi), and how blockchain and NFTs could become a mainstay in the fintech industry are also important areas to analyse.

Virtual platforms were especially thrown into the limelight in October 2021, as Facebook Inc. rebranded itself as Meta, a new virtual reality company. As the company looked to boldly position itself as a leader in metaverse technology, it appeared that the concept could become the next big thing.

While it hasn’t been long since the move, we are yet to see how mainstream adoption of the metaverse could become possible. Meanwhile, hype quickly surrounded artificial intelligence (AI) – the latest ‘trend’ gaining traction. After OpenAI released its hugely popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, it quickly saw it receive over 100 million users, alongside over 13 million daily visitors.

As so many new innovative technologies and evolutions of the internet come to the fore, which of these will truly revolutionise the industry?

We’ve reached out to fintech CEOs, leaders and experts to share their thoughts on innovative technology. Join us as we ponder what the future could hold for not only fintech, but also for other industries worldwide.


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