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June at The Fintech Times: Paytech

The focus this month at The Fintech Times is firmly on Paytech. One of our largest sections, Paytech covers any technological innovation that changes the way we pay. Both as consumers and businesses.

From the increase in contactless payments taking place during the global pandemic to the implementation of furlough and business subsidy schemes across the globe, Paytech has been making waves around the world over the last 12-months.

In June, we speak to some of the top Paytech firms to find out just how their year has been, what technologies they are currently rolling out and what’s coming up around the corner.

Webinars this month include:

Open Banking Payments – released Thursday 3rd June at 11am BST

With confirmation of payee and open banking now standard in most high street bank accounts, this webinar will look at the challenges and opportunities presented by open banking implementation, including a look at how fintechs and banks are working together. From office back end adjustments to adapting user experience, what does the future of open banking hold and how can banks further implement the current legislation? Our guests will look at the current limitations and ask what can be done to further embolden the market. 

Pay as you earn and BNPL – released Thursday 17th June at 11am BST 

Pay as you earn and the implementation of buy now, pay later has been a lifeline for many customers whereas for others, the lack of regulation has created difficulties. This webinar will look to highlight both sides of the coin, and will shine a light on the areas of early paydays, mainly implemented by larger corporations working with fintechs, that have been able to do good and support their employees through times of need. But equally, this webinar will look at the success of BNPL lenders and will ask what protection is available for customers who use these facilities.


  • Gina is a fintech journalist (BA, MA) who works across broadcast and print. She has written for most national newspapers and started her career in BBC local radio.

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