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January at The Fintech Times: Moving Fintech Forward

Fintech is finding itself at a turning point amid rumblings the industry is ‘losing its lustre’. We’ve seen firms struggle to raise fresh funds, reports of falling valuations, fire sales, staff layoffs and recruitment freezes. Some fintechs have abruptly closed while others have bid their farewells before they’d even had the chance to say hello.

Throughout January on The Fintech Times, we’re sharing industry predictions for 2023 as well as ideas for ‘moving fintech forward’ in the next 12 months.

Of course, the fintech industry is not alone with companies across every sector and around the world also facing several macroeconomic problems including price volatility, supply shortages, security issues and economic uncertainty as the war in Ukraine rumbles on.

So how can we take stock and progress over the coming months to ensure fintech remains one the world’s greatest success stories?

Come back throughout January as our community shares not only their 2023 predictions but ideas for ‘Moving Fintech Forward’.


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