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IoT Firm Wireless Logic Expands Remote SIM Provisioning and Connectivity Solutions to Brazil

Internet of Thing (IoT) services provider Wireless Logic has established a permanent local connectivity solution for Brazil, marking a significant milestone in the company’s expansion strategy.

With its remote SIM provisioning (RSP) capabilities and connectivity solutions spanning key markets globally, including India, China, Singapore, USA, Canada and now Brazil, Wireless Logic is continuing its efforts to redefine industry standards by overcoming regulated roaming restrictions.

Permanent roaming restrictions have long been a hurdle for organisations with multi-country IoT deployments. It also appears that these restrictions, including the enforcement of access fees, are on the rise.

In response, Wireless Logic is harnessing its carrier eco-system and the power of eSIM technology, delivering global solutions which are compliant with local requirements.

Unlike traditional SIMs, eSIMs empower businesses by enabling them to store multiple profiles on SIM. Profiles can be pre-loaded during production or more crucially, deployed effortlessly over-the-air (OTA). This streamlined approach minimises manufacturing complexities, reducing the number of product SKUs required and ensuring operational flexibility.

Wireless Logic explained that its extensive experience, paired with millions of eSIMs deployed worldwide, underscores its leadership in addressing the challenges posed by regulated roaming.

Additionally, with its strong global position, Wireless Logic ensures seamless data management through a private network infrastructure and 15 strategically positioned data centres, catering to applications with low latency requirements and regions where data sovereignty is paramount.

Moving toward ‘a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective IoT ecosystem’
Oliver Tucker, founder and CEO of Wireless Logic
Oliver Tucker, founder and CEO of Wireless Logic

Oliver Tucker, founder and CEO of Wireless Logic, discussed the news: “Navigating the complexities of SIM and device management across diverse networks can be overwhelming for businesses seeking international expansion.

“We are eliminating these barriers with our unique ‘network of networks’ approach. By liaising directly with MNOs on behalf of our customers, we empower businesses to focus on their core operations while the intricacies of permanent roaming are expertly managed.

“This milestone demonstrates our commitment to delivering world-class IoT connectivity solutions. By addressing regulated roaming restrictions in ten key markets, our customers now have the freedom to expand their IoT deployments without limitations. This is a significant step toward a more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective IoT ecosystem.”

With ten acquisitions in two years and new strategic partnerships, Wireless Logic provides connectivity for more than 13 million ‘things’. It currently supports customer deployments in 165 countries, has direct agreements with around 200 MNOs and provides reach into more than 750 networks globally.


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