Internet Technology Leading to Greater Procrastination Levels Among Employees

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Technology has become vital to businesses of all sizes, as more companies and business leaders are turning to modern solutions in order to operate and compete with rivals. Internet and intranet has become central to most tasks in the workplace, with many businesses providing access to employees to get their work done. However, a recent report has shown that this comes with both ups and downs.

With many staff now having access to wireless internet services at work, it has provided them with the means of conducting searches and performing activities for themselves rather than working. According to one office manager, access to work’s internet technology has resulted in many employees wasting time going online for personal reasons rather than for work.

Using Computers to Go Online

Many employees are not allowed to use their smartphones at work while they are supposed to be working. It is something that a lot of workers do not want to risk when they are under the watchful eye of a supervisor in the office. However, many are getting around this by using the employer’s own computer systems to get online for personal reasons rather than work.

An official from the Makai HR Software company said that this is something that could result in many hours being lost, with employees failing to complete what they should be doing. Many are able to get away with it because it looks as though they are getting on with their work if the computer is not within direct sight of managers and other staff members. This means that the employee can happily browse away online while giving the impression that they are getting on with work.

Reports suggest that people go online for all sorts of reasons other than their assigned work. Some go on news sites to catch up with the latest news and breaking stories. Others check their social media profiles to see what is going on with their circle of friends. Some even go on shopping websites to make purchases using their work systems. Many employers do not have restrictive settings in place, so employees can effectively go on Google or other browsers with ease in order to visit a range of sites.

Businesses Facing a Challenge

Of course, it is necessary for many businesses to provide their employees with full internet access, as they may need to go online to conduct research in connection with work or to answer a customer query. However, this is also leading to issues whereby some employees are spending a huge amount of time doing their own thing online, which means they fall behind with their work. This ultimately impacts on productivity and affects the business’s bottom line. It can also drain technology resources unnecessarily and slow the systems down for those who are working.

Experts have outlined the importance of ensuring all staff members are aware of the company’s internet usage policy. In addition, there are filtering and monitoring software options that businesses can turn to.


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