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Interactive Community and Education App for Cryptocurrency Investors

B21, the first personal wealth manager exclusively for crypto assets, announced the launch of its free, interactive B21Life mobile app for Android and iOS.

The first app to go live from B21, B21Life educates newcomers about cryptocurrencies, the technology behind them, and the investment process. The app provides training courses, simple explanations of crypto terms, and a curated list of major news articles each day, all with the goal of accelerating mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency assets.

“As we are building the world’s largest community of cryptoasset investors, we recognise that there is a large education and information gap in the market. Inexperienced investors need educational information to get comfortable with cryptocurrencies, and have put off investing due to its complicated process and the lack of quality information,” said Nitin Agarwal, Co-Founder of B21. “The B21Life app aims to educate a broad community of potential cryptoasset investors who are eager to get started. With B21Life, it’s all about crypto investing.”

The B21Life app eschews the over-complicated tutorials and controversial opinions so common in crypto content in favour of a simple, user-friendly approach. Along with accessing curated resources, B21Life users can interact directly with the B21 team to ask questions and share comments. B21 will bring experts from the crypto industry as well as from the traditional finance industry on this platform to share content and train the users. The app is free to use. Users of this app can also earn free B21 tokens, which gives them discounts on fees for using the B21 Investment app.

B21 is also developing B21Invest, a full-service, mobile-focused investment platform that takes the complexity out of crypto investing. B21 will enable non-technical investors to create a diverse portfolio of cryptoassets, including top tokens and altcoins voted on by the B21 community. Much like traditional investing apps and services, B21 will allow users to set goals, contribute funds, and track progress all through an easy-to-understand dashboard. B21 will securely manage user portfolios, providing investors with key metrics on their portfolio performance.

B21 has applied for a custodial license to comply with governmental regulations covering protection of customer assets, segregation of customer and company funds, maintaining robust and accurate transaction records, and cold storage of customer funds. By acting as a custodian, B21 eliminates the need for people to hold their own private keys. The company’s full data will be published transparently on the EOS blockchain.

B21’s eponymous token will be used as the only form of settlement between the B21 platform and users within the B21 ecosystem. The token will be used by investors to settle fees, and to incentivise and reward referrals to and engagement with the platform as well as a method to qualify for premium services. The B21 token is currently available in private pre-sale.


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