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How Instagram Can Boost The Sales Of Your Online Business

If you have an online business then you will already know of the great importance which social media can play in ensuring that you can push your brand and increase sales. With this being said however, there are still many businesses who are ignoring the power that Instagram can have on business and it is a social media channel which must be used if you want to ensure that your bottom line continues to improve.

Gaining followers is much easier on Instagram than on other social media sites and there is a much stronger chance that you will get real Instagram followers who will use the site regularly and engage with your content. If you don’t yet have an Instagram account for your online business, here is why you need to get one so that you can increase sales.

Brand Visibility

Because of the fact that Instagram is a mobile service and given recent announcements by Google which show that mobile internet traffic now exceeds desktop traffic, this is a perfect combination for you to greatly grow your overall brand growth. It can be difficult to help to grow your brand in an ever-competitive world but with Instagram being so popular when it comes to the busy mobile market, you can utilize it to help push your brand, and drive more sales.


Thanks to the nature of Instagram, you can have your content posted on other channels such as Facebook which gives you a kind of all-in-one option when using the service. This ability to share content is great for any business that is looking to drive sales and market their products to a wider market.


Shopify recently announced results of a survey which show that Instagram shoppers who migrate to the website send an average of $65, a figure which is higher than any other social channel out there with the exception of Facebook. The key which you have to find is how to convert those Instagram followers to people who want to go and buy your products, do that and you can count on them spending money.


When it comes to engagement of social media users, visual content like videos and photos are the pieces of content which are most engaged with. This plays perfectly into the hands of Instagram who only allow visual based content to be produced. This means that through the use of Instagram, you can not only reach a huge amount of people to tell them about your business, but you can also ensure that the level of engagement will be high. The more that people engage with you business, the quicker you can grow your brand and the stronger your sales uplift will be.

If you are looking at a  strategy for how you can further boost your online sales, don’t forget about Instagram as it is far more than just a service for sharing photos amongst friends.


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