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Ingenuous Partners Keesing Technologies to Prevent Fraud

Intuition by Ingenuous is a fraud prevention and compliance solution that can be used to manage financial crimes committed against financial services providers. The solution is used at the customer onboarding stage as well as whenever the customer performs a financial transaction.

The integration of Keesing’s automated ID verification solution AuthentiScan into Intuition will increasingly improve security and efficiency. It enables lenders and money transmitters to enhance their KYC and AML policies, providing their customers a safe and convenient onboarding process and protection against money laundering and other types of fraud.

Keesing Technologies, established in 1923, is synonymous with trusted identity verification. Its flagship product AuthentiScan authenticates the world’s identity documents in seconds, and its Documentchecker database offers the most up-to-date reference information for identity documents and banknotes from around the world.

Clint Mills, Managing Director of Ingenuous, remarked, “We had been on the look-out for a number of months for a strategic partner who can deliver identity document verification in real time, and in Keesing Technologies I am confident that we have found the best one. Like us, their product is offered as either an on-premise or cloud-hosted solution or service, and their global coverage (including jurisdictions and range of documents) is the best I have seen.”

The integration of Keesing’s automated ID verification solution AuthentiScan into Intuition will increasingly improve security and efficiency.

Mike Krechting, CEO of Keesing Technologies commented, “We’re excited to work with Ingenuous, as we know that automated ID document checking is a key part of fraud prevention and compliance. With a significant proportion of people holding identity documents from countries other than where they live or work, it can be a big challenge for lenders and money remitters to verify the authenticity of those documents when onboarding new customers and providing services for those customers to remit money. Our product AuthentiScan can do just that. We help our clients worldwide to prevent identity fraud, ensure compliance with regulations and to protect innocent customers becoming victims of identity fraud.”

The partnership represents a true force against financial crimes, many of which involve fabricated and falsified identities. As security is key to the clientele of Ingenuous, the company requires the identification process to be secure and reliable. With AuthentiScan doubtful ID documents are automatically referred to the Keesing ID Helpdesk for thorough inspection by a team of Doc 3 certified document experts.

These experts constantly examine the authenticity of doubtful ID documents, monitor trends in counterfeiting and assist AuthentiScan users in case of dealing with doubtful ID documents.  They double check the doubtful ID documents using white light, UV and IR and a thorough check of the security features. In case fraud is detected, the Keesing ID Helpdesk takes immediate preventative action.


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