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Indonesian RRQ to Leverage Zilliqa’s Web3-Powered Solutions in Bid to Revolutionise Fan Engagement

To facilitate the building of its extended-reality (XR) ‘Metapolis’ metaverse, Indonesian esports organisation Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) has formed a partnership with the blockchain platform Zilliqa

The move marks yet another venture into the capabilities of the blockchain by an established gaming provider, with RRQ planning to revitalise fan engagement through the use of Zilliqa’s crypto and Web3-powered products.

The entities have signed a multi-year partnership to realise their joint ambitions of merging the global esports and crypto communities.

RRQ CEO Andrian Pauline Husen
Andrian Pauline Husen

“With their expertise working with reputed gaming and esports teams, we had no doubt that collaborating with Zilliqa would go a long way in helping us transform fan engagement,” comments RRQ CEO Andrian Pauline Husen. “We’ve dipped our toes into the crypto pool with tokenisation, but much more remains to be unlocked within the metaverse too – we’re so excited to see what this world holds!”

Known across the gaming community for the popular FPS game Point Blank, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, RRQ today is part of around eight gaming divisions and counting, including FREE FIRE and FIFA. With the industry at a turning point, RRQ is set to leverage the blockchain in its efforts to make a concerted push at diversifying the range of experiences available to its fans.

With its gaming market valued at $1.68billion, Indonesia has emerged as a hotspot for the crypto and gaming industries in recent years, with RRQ establishing a significant foothold in the market.

With expansion at the forefront of its strategy, RRQ reportedly plans to drive its footprint in Asia, which accounts for over 54 per cent of the $1billion global esports market. Blockchain-based games like Axie Infinity lauded as the ‘darling of big investors‘, who have also found popularity in the region, signals the growing maturity and potential of the industry.

Zilliqa is known in the industry as the first layer-1 protocol to achieve high scalability without compromising on decentralisation or security. Thanks to its sharding protocol, a form of horizontal scaling which distributes a single dataset across multiple databases, the blockchain is capable of processing a high volume of transactions at speed. Zilliqa is perhaps best recognised for its advanced and energy-efficient token standard ‘ZRC6’ which contributes to high-quality NFTs and minting features whilst incurring lower than normal costs.

Now the first L1 to build an XR ‘Metapolis’ metaverse, Zilliqa offers a variety of solutions to revolutionise engagement, incentivisation and rewards. Looking forward to the rest of 2022, Zilliqa has stated how it remains committed to transforming the creator economy by powering utility-driven tokens, and expanding its network with functionalities that will multiply active users.

Zilliqa CEO Ben Livshits
Ben Livshits

Opening up new DeFi-powered economic opportunities in the virtual world has proved to be doubly important in the post-Covid19 world – especially when we consider how disproportionately some countries and sections of society have been affected due to lack of access to institutions, banks and services at this time,” comments Zilliqa CEO Ben Livshits. “Incentive-driven gaming and esports have provided a channel for not just social interaction but have opened up business models in the Web3 world. It is up to us to make it easy for all users who can benefit from it.”

Beyond its expertise in esports, Zilliqa brings a combination of technology and creative energy to the high-stakes gamification industry. Millions of players across the gaming gamut stand to benefit from, inspire and engage a new generation of players on this scalable and fast blockchain.

Zilliqa’s focus on the Indonesian market is well-documented. Having powered payment giant Xfers’ Indonesian-Rupiah pegged stablecoin XIDR, supporting grantee Rupiah Token and undertaking many community-building activities in the region, Zilliqa sees the value of DeFi-based and borderless solutions that can help the unbanked and underbanked across the region, and beyond.


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