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Innovate Finance Global Summit 2023: Watch Thunes, Plaid & Bankable

Innovate Finance Global Summit – or simply IFGS – returned for its 9th year at the Guildhall in the City of London.

The theme of this year’s Summit was Impact and the way fintech has transformed society, the economy, and our daily lives.

The Fintech Teams rubbed shoulders and enjoyed insightful discussions with key players across the fintech industry at IFGS 2023. Here we meet James Winter from Thunes, Plaid‘s Makena Ehnisz and Eric Mouilleron from Bankable.

James Winter, SVP Europe at Thunes

James Winter provides an insight into Thunes, its global expansion plans and how it wants to ‘collect and pay out anywhere in the world’.

Makena Ehnisz, account manager, Plaid

“It’s always great to connect”. Makena Ehnisz talks IFGS success as well as open finance and helping fintechs connect with end users. Plus, why she thinks there has been great progress across Europe.

Eric Mouilleron, founder and CEO of Bankable

Eric Mouilleron delves into Bankable’s ethos and talks about global brands joining its platform, as well as significant investment. He also talks about why IFGS is always on his agenda.

Look back at our highlights from Day One of Innovate Finance Global Summit 2023 and Day Two of IFGS.


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