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IDnow Expands Platform With ‘AI-Powered Engine’; to Enhance Fraud Prevention Capabilities

European identity proofing platform IDnow has expanded its platform to include fully automated document liveness capabilities, data checks and financial risk checks; as well as new fraud prevention features.

As IDnow enhances its platform for identity proofing for the UK market, it hopes it can help its customers better fight ever-evolving fraud risks. The platform expansion will also include a central, no-code workflow management tool.

The identity-proofing platform revealed particular excitement regarding its automated document liveness check. The check requires the end user to record a video of their ID document, thus enabling an automated check on the visible security elements of the document, such as holograms. This feature helps companies in their fight against the rising risk of fraud through forged documents.

New fully automated KYC and AML services also come as part of the package. IDnow AML services screen against multiple global Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Sanction lists to ensure fintechs, crypto providers and other more traditional financial service providers can benefit from an alert management functionality and audit history with tailored alert matching.

IDnow explained that new data checks should enable more ‘frictionless’ KYC processes, optimised for use cases regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or by the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC). The solution has also taken less regulated use cases into account – with an additional layer of security to protect businesses.

‘A game changer in this market’

The platform now also uses proprietary fraud prevention technology. This tech collects risk signals from biometrics, documents, devices and other data sources.

IDnow is also collaborating with law enforcement agencies, providing the company’s dedicated fraud team with the latest knowledge of fraud techniques and methods from around the world.

Bertrand Bouteloup IDnow
Bertrand Bouteloup,chief commercial officer at IDnow

Bertrand Bouteloup, chief commercial officer at IDnow, discussed the expansion. He said: “With the help of our AI-powered engine, which employs the latest fraud prevention capabilities, we can combat the most advanced fraudsters and allow our crypto, fintech and financial customers to grow their businesses with confidence and be a strong partner for large financial institutions at the same time. Our document liveness feature is clearly a game changer in this market.

“We are pleased to be able to enhance our platform offering, specifically in the UK, to help our customers fight fraud, achieve compliance and build trust across Europe and beyond. Thanks to these new functionalities and our strong regulatory expertise, our customers can easily expand their services and rely on a platform that achieves compliance according to the most rigid regulatory requirements within the UK, the EU and beyond.”


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