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Ideavate Extend My Carbon Manager App to Halifax Home Insurance Customers

Halifax Home Insurance is helping customers make their homes greener through partnering with Ideavate Limited, the energy-saving tech provider.

Policyholders making a claim for a large leak or significant water damage where home renovations are needed, will be given the option of accessing an app called My Carbon Manager, which shows people how to make their lives more energy efficient.

The tool is also available to Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland customers, and provides personalised suggestions and estimates on how to reduce their home’s carbon footprint.

Customers can use the app to see estimates for costs and savings and how carbon dioxide equivalent emissions could potentially be reduced. The tool is a one-stop guide on how policyholders can make their homes more environmentally friendly before looking for suppliers for repair work. All suggestions will depend on the type of property and claim, but could include options such as insulating walls or having solar panels fitted.

The app has been created for the insurer by Ideavate, as part of a programme to support start-up insurtech companies. The service has been available for six months since July as part of a trial, with the potential to be rolled-out more widely for other types of large home insurance claims that need home renovation to be done, such as a large fire or flood.

Craig Thornton, General Insurance, Protection and Investments Director, Halifax Home Insurance said: “We all have an individual responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment, and the insurance industry is part of creating this change. We’re fully behind the Association of British Insurers’ ‘Climate Change Road Map’, which outlines the importance of insurers in encouraging customers to make more sustainable decisions after a claim.

“A leak in your home can be a traumatic experience, but helping policyholders upgrade the energy efficiency of their home when carrying out repair work for water damage should hopefully help turn a negative into a positive.”

David Sheridan, CEO of Ideavate Limited said: “Through My Carbon Manager, our mission is to put data at peoples’ fingertips to show them how amending their home could lead to a lower-carbon lifestyle.

“We’re excited to hear what customers think at the end of this trial and to continue working more closely with the General Insurance team in the future.”


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