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ICT SPRING 2019: The Place Where Digital, Tech & Science Converge

A new edition of ICT Spring will be held on May 21st & 22nd, with more than 100 experts sharing their knowledge and discussing the latest Digital, FinTech and Space trends. ICT Spring, a two-day event created in 2007 aims at facilitating the meeting of minds, encouraging emulation and networking with industry leaders, will take place at the European Convention Centre Luxembourg, at the very heart of Europe.

The organisers are announcing an impressive list of international speakers who will take part in the event. This edition will include convergence sessions between the different summits: AI, Digital, FinTech & Space. Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister and Pierre Gramegna, Luxembourg’s Minister of Finance will also participate and share their views on the government’s strategy and Luxembourg’s ambitions in today’s Digital Europe.

FinTech Summit: From New banking generation to Sustainable Finance

Digital technology has dramatically changed the way clients interact with banks – and vice versa -, forcing them to evolve from traditional banking operations to online-based services. Therefore, banks have to rethink and reinvent the way they are operating and find innovative ways of extracting value out of customer’s data. This can include co-existing with non-banking services to attract customers, co-developing new experiences, and much more. In order to discuss the latest FinTech trends, the organisers have brought together experts from all around the world who will share their expertise and latest innovations next May.

Chris Skinner (Author, Speaker and Troublemaker), Claude Marx (General Director, CSSF), James Chou (Managing Director & CEO, Microsoft for Startups for Greater China, Japan & Korea, Chair of Technology and Innovation Committee of American Chamber of Commerce), Duena Blomstrom (Author, Keynote Speaker, Creator of Emotional BankingTM, @Forbes Writer, Co-Founder & CEO PeopleNotTech), Benoit Legrand (CEO, ING Ventures & Chief Innovation Officer, ING), Douglas Feagin (President of International Business, Ant Financial Services Group), Brett King (Bestselling Author, Speaker, Founder, Radio Host, TV Commentator), Douwe Miedema (Editor-in-Chief, Luxembourg Times), Jean-Louis Schiltz (Attorney, partner at Schiltz & Schiltz S.A.), Marc P. Bernegger (Member of the Board, Crypto Finance), Bernadette Leuzinger (COO, Crypto Fund), David Fauchier (CEO/CIO, Cambrial Capital) and Joram Voelklein (Co-Founder, Cryptology Asset Group) have already announced their participation.

Digital & AI Summit: How AI is shaping today’s world

In today’s hyper-connected world, constant development and training have become crucial. And so is attracting and retaining talents. Therefore, HR, marketing, communications and digital combine on a daily basis and have become inseparable. “Everyday life AI” will the first main topic addressed in this AI summit and will highlight how this technology is shaping and improving the human life. Among the other topics are included “Unleashing human potential”, “The age of AI Innovation”, “AI to shape the financial sector” and lastly “Tech all over: from trends to fashion”. In a time where the speed of technology is high and innovative solutions are entering into almost every industry, it is interesting to see that women, such as Simone Tertoolen (Designer & founder, MINOIS), are leading the change in transforming the fashion industry. New designs, new fabrics are made and recycled, smart gadgets in clothes and bags: the industry is becoming more dynamic every day, mainly with the impacts of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Blockchain.

Among the confirmed speakers for this Digital/AI summit are Bruno Zamborlin (CEO & Chief Scientist, Hypersurfaces), Prof. Diana Derval (Chair and Research Director of DervalResearch, contributor for Harvard Business Review, author of the books “Designing Luxury Brands”), Hazumu Yamazaki (Co-founder and CSO, Empath), Gary Bolles (Chair for the Future of Work, Singularity University), James Chou (Managing Director & CEO, Microsoft for Startups for Greater China, Japan & Korea, Chair of Technology and Innovation Committee of American Chamber of Commerce), Clara Durodié (Chair, Cognitive Finance Group) and Jean Rognetta (Editorial director, Forbes France).

Space Forum: The impacts of Space on both economies and social interaction of its users

The recent launch of the Luxembourg Space Agency, space companies setting up their headquarters in the country, the spaceresources.lu initiative and the different conference organised through the year all contribute in making Luxembourg a major and recognised player in the current space race. Actually, Luxembourg has a long history in the space sector, notably in the satellite industry, and has an ever-growing ICT sector. In order to discuss the latest space trends, from infrastructures to data management and IoT, the organizers have bought together space experts from all around the world who will share their expertise and latest innovative solutions during this two-day event;

Among the confirmed speakers are Paul Wells (President & Chief Commercial Officer, GovSat), Benoît Deper (Founder, Aerospacelab), José Achache (Founder & CEO, Altyn), Jean-Jacques Dordain (Chancellor, International Space University, Former ESA General Director), Jean-Yves Le Gall (President, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales –CNES), David Willetts (former British Minister for Universities and Science), Simonetta di Pippo (Director, UNOOSA), Bertrand Baratte (Space Business Unit Officer, Air Liquide), Zee Zheng (CEO, SpaceChain), Gregory Pradels (Space Business Developer, Aerospace Valley), Nicolas Gaume (Co-founder, Space Cargo Unlimited & Experiences & Device Group – strategic partner relationships, Microsoft),  David Henri (CEO, Exotrail), Michele Franci (Independent International Space and Telecommunications technology professional), Paul Flament (Head of the Unit, European Commission), Rob Coneybeer (Managing Director & Co-founder, Shasta Ventures), Coen Janssen (Co-founder, Hiber), Arthur Sauzay (Contributor on Spacial Issue, Institut Montaigne), Rafael Jorda Siquier ( Founder & CEO, OpenCosmos) and Stephane Janichewski (Head of Defence & Aerospace Market, Atos).  

Convergence sessions – Discover the interconnection between all the Summits

On May 21st Carlo Thelen (Director General, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce), will give insights about the position of Luxembourg in today’s world of modern technology before introducing the official talk of Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Luc Julia (Vice President of Innovation & CTO, Samsung Electronics) will present a keynote speech stating that “AI does not exist”. The co-creator of Siri, known as one of the fathers of artificial intelligence will share his views and vision. According to him, “AI will be able of creating something that does not exist yet”. Luc Julia will notably talk about an algorithmic revolution that surpasses the pure frame of mathematics and blends all fields together to really innovate and break the rules.

During the second day, Patrizia Luchetta (Strategic Advisor and Independent Director), Larissa Best (Co-Founder & Director, Equilibre Luxembourg), Anne-Catherine Ries (First advisor to the Government – Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy, Prime Minister’s Office), Assaf Topaz (Horizon 2020 Expert and Jury Member for the European Innovation Council (EIC)-SME, European Commission), Ulf Nehrbass (CEO, Luxembourg Institute of Health), Michal Michaeli (Entrepreneur & Founder, Eva Ventures) and Djamila Aouada (Computer Vision Team Leader, Research Scientist, University of Luxembourg), all taking part in a round table, will highlight how to enhance the role of women in the Tech industry.

ICT Spring Gala Dinner: rewarding the best startup from Pitch Your Startup

After an insightful day of conference (May 21st), 600 guests, speakers and ICT top managers will attend the ICT Spring Gala Dinner. This gathering encourages emulation and networking of professionals on a European scale. During the Dinner will be hosted the awards ceremony of the Pitch Your Startup competition, which will reward 4 startups of different verticals: Fin- & RegTech; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data; Smart Living and Cybersecurity. This event will honour 100,000€ from Docler Holding to the winners.

More information about Pitch Your Startup: www.pitchyourstartup.eu

About ICT Spring

ICT Spring is a Global Tech Conference hosting an array of international professionals. This two-day yearly event is held in Luxembourg City, and offers the participants a unique opportunity to deepen their Digital Knowledge, capture the Value of the fast-growing FinTech Industry, and explore the impact of Space Technologies on Terrestrial Businesses, through exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest Tech Trends and Innovations. ICT Spring is also the perfect place to network with peers and future business partners.

ICT Spring is organised by Farvest Group, the leading marketing & events agency in Luxembourg.

More information & registration: www.ictspring.com


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