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Top 10 ICOs to Watch in April: #3 Particl

There has always been debate in the blockchain industry regarding the privacy, anonymity, and scalability of the blockchains. Particl has taken its stand in this debate regarding these three major concerns.

Particl aims to build a decentralised blockchain with emphasis on security, protected-user data, and middlemen-less transactions in a trustless environment. The consensus mechanism used in the platform is Proof of Stake (PoS). PoS brings more environmentally friendly and efficient environment at the expense of decentralisation. PART, the cryptocurrency on Particl’s platform uses ring signatures or ring confidential transactions to ensure privacy in the network. These protocols anonymise transactions by merging multiple addresses together, thus making the source and the destination address of a single transaction difficult to determine.

Particl also comprises a decentralised Particl marketplace but unlike other centralised marketplaces, the data can’t be shared with any 3rd parties. Particl platform offers its users with a decentralised (but PoS based) secure voting platform to implement better governance and communication in the network. Particl also has an anonymous messaging system based on the BitMessage platform. Particl has its own set of principles to thrive in this market with good qualities of Bitcoin, Monero, and Dash. The combinations bring a uniqueness in the project and its platform can be useful to various industries which require such qualities.

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