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Top 10 ICOs to Watch in April: #4 Cube

Connectivity between autonomous vehicles is going to be an essential feature as these vehicles hit the road. In the midst of this connectivity, protecting autonomous vehicles from cyber or network attacks will be of paramount importance.

With the help of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and quantum based hash cryptography, Cube aims to ensure protection of these vehicles from any malicious attacks. The product of Cube is unique and first in the industry. Usually in these cases, attackers try to disrupt smooth communication between the autonomous vehicle and the traffic center. Cube aims to ensure that the attacker is unable to gain access of the networks. In case the attacker manages to gain access of the network, the vehicle will recognise the foreign command and immediately block it. The market cap of CUBE coin touched $100 million but has continuously slumped since the cryptocurrency crash in January 2018.

Despite that, Cube holds a high ground in the industry thanks to its unique proposition. One major concern is that such a futuristic project focused on Automobile industry requires a huge amount of funds coupled with a team to deliver a flawless product. The UK-based team is handsomely experienced to build the product, but the team might be needing to go for another funding round (not necessarily ICO) in the future. If the team succeeds in building a flawless product which ensures safety of these vehicles, it can be a splendid opportunity for investors as a long-term buy.


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