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IA Engine Expands Fintech Network to Canada and Welcomes 5 New Firms to Innovator Programme

Five new firms have been chosen to join the Investment Association‘s (IA) fintech hub and accelerator, IA Engine’s Innovator Programme.  

AM Insights, BehaviorQuant, Propellant Digital, Tumelo, and Intellibonds are the newest additions to the six-month programme. All will receive one-to-one support and networking opportunities with industry leaders. IA Engine has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FinTech Cadence, an established fintech hub in Montreal, Canada. This move will consequently expand upon IA Engine’s global fintech network of 13 partners.

The announcements were made at the IA’s EmTech Global event, which was held at CodeNode in London. with the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Michael Mainelli, giving the keynote speech at the event.

A Blueprint for FinTech Engagement and Onboarding was also launched. The paper provides an overview of the current fintech landscape. Additionally, it covers the challenges and best practices of fintech and investment management firms working with one another and the ways that all individuals involved in the ecosystem can standardise and speed up fintech adoption.

In addition, the IA and Engine member LiCuido published a thought leadership paper, Money Market Fund Tokenisation – Collateral Opportunities, which explores the case for utilising money market fund tokens as collateral, and invites firms and stakeholders from across the industry to turn the concepts into a reality.

Accelerating the fintech industry
Gillian Painter, head of membership and engine at the Investment Association
Gillian Painter, head of membership and engine at the Investment Association

Gillian Painter, head of membership and engine, at the Investment Association, said: “Innovation is key to ensuring that as an industry, we remain at the top of our game in delivering for our customers around the world, and that the UK continues to be a leading global hub for investment management. IA Engine has a valuable role to play in achieving this. The Innovator Programme has already connected our industry to 35 leading buy-side fintech firms, all of which utilise the latest advances in technology.

“I am also pleased to welcome the FinTech Cadence to our network of international partners. These all share our agenda to develop innovative solutions that improve consumers’ experiences.”

Michael Mainelli, the Lord Mayor of the City of London
Michael Mainelli, the Lord Mayor of the City of London

Michael Mainelli, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, said: “The UK has an exciting and vibrant fintech scene, with London hosting the world’s second-largest fintech hub. Within this, IA Engine provides a valuable platform which enables fintechs to showcase their solutions to the investment management industry. They can also benefit from the insights of industry leaders.

“Technological innovation is vital for the investment management industry and the IA’s EmTech Global Conference provides a great opportunity for investment managers and fintech  to discuss the latest developments and how they can be implemented to the benefit of businesses and their customers.”

Meet the firms
  • AM Insights is the mobile-enabled fund data platform accelerating the asset management space, with data on 70,000 share classes. AM Insights facilitates distribution teams to walk into meetings with a real understanding of their offering, peers, and clients’ holdings.
  • BehaviorQuant uses behavioural science and machine learning to provide predictive insights into investment professionals and clients. BehaviorQuant empowers advisors to personalise their services, investment teams to make smarter decisions. It also allows capital allocators to minimise their investment risks.
  • Intellibonds is an AI-augmented SaaS platform for fixed-income portfolio managers and analysts. It helps institutional investors improve investment returns and lower operational costs through intelligent automation.
  • Propellant Digital leverages extensive datasets in fixed income, aggregating, normalising and cleansing MiFID, TRACE and DTCC transactional data. Propellant’s analytics cut through the noise to deliver insights in trading, sales, risk management, research, market intelligence and compliance. All the while improving trading profitability and workflow efficiency.
  • Tumelo democratises shareholder voting. It specialises in pass-through voting technology for asset managers.


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