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HSBC launches cash flow forecasting tool

HSBC clients now have a single point of access for all their cash management needs. HSBC today launched a cash flow forecasting tool to make it quicker and easier for businesses to build an accurate picture of their future finances.

HSBC Cash Flow Forecasting is accessed via the bank’s digital banking platform, HSBCnet, providing clients with a single point of access for all their cash management needs. The tool is fully integrated – automatically loading data from a client’s accounts – and can also work cohesively with a client’s own systems, allowing details of pending invoices or future-dated events to be added automatically, reducing manual intervention and significantly cutting the time taken to prepare a forecast.

Based on the data, HSBC Cash Flow Forecasting produces sophisticated cash forecasts ranging out to a three-year horizon. Modelling and scenario testing means clients can enable bespoke forecasts with ease, and detailed variance analysis highlights any differences between forecasts and actual performance – meaning clients can spot differences and take action.

HSBC Cash Flow Forecasting provides a more accessible solution to clients who may use Treasury Work Stations, or spend weeks producing
spreadsheet-based predictions by manually retrieving data from their internal and bank systems.

Suraj Kalati, Global Head of Liquidity Products, HSBC, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly made cash flow visibility more important than ever. HSBC Cash Flow Forecasting, with its detailed modelling and scenario testing, makes gaining visibility of cash flow quicker and easier – a valuable insight at any time, but particularly now.

“Accurate cash flow forecasts are critical to better understanding and preparing for future cash, working capital and liquidity needs; to budget effectively; and also support efficient reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

“HSBC Cash Flow Forecasting has a simplified implementation that allows clients to gain actionable insights through an intuitive and interactive user experience”.

The tool complements HSBC’s other liquidity management products, including the Liquidity Management Portal – a digital platform that enables treasurers to more effectively self-manage their liquidity, supporting improved funding and investing decisions. The Liquidity Management Portal can be accessed via HSBCnet.


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