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How to Make Your Startup Team More Diverse

Sooner or later, you won’t be able to manage your startup business on your own anymore. That’s when you have to start planning on hiring people who will help you out, as well as help your business develop and grow further. However, the hiring process can oftentimes become quite challenging, mainly because you want to make sure that you surround yourself with talented and skilled people.

In that case, you should strongly consider diversity when looking for such people. As a matter of fact, diversity yields its own advantages and benefits regardless of people’s opinions on the matter. Having a diverse team will allow you to find original talents with unique mindsets that will be able to tackle any challenge and any difficulty that comes their way. With that in mind, here are a few ways to make your startup team more diverse.

Throw out the discrimination

When looking to hire the right people for your startup business, focusing on a single group of people with specific heritage, ethnicity or race will greatly limit your opportunities to find unique talents. Therefore, eliminate such criteria when posting a job application and expand your potential to find truly unique talents for your business.

It doesn’t matter where a person comes from, what colour their skin is or what their sexuality may be, as long as they have something of value for your startup business. Diversity in its true sense means that there are various people with a unique way of thinking and creative ideas that will be a valuable asset for your company both in present and in the future. With such people on your team, you’ll be able to overcome business challenges with efficiency and ease.

Reach out to the challenged workforce

It’s no secret that many people tend to be biased when sorting through job applicants. What’s more, a lot of them are lead by discrimination when looking for employees, to begin with. Such a way of thinking will simply get you nowhere. The most common form of discrimination originating from employers is their attitude towards disabled people.

Just because someone may be hindered by a disability, it doesn’t mean they aren’t talented or that they cannot become an asset to your company. By avoiding the disabled in your hiring process, you are missing out on a lot of potential. That being said, do something different for a change and contact your local disability employment services. That way, you can tap into a talent pool that’s been under your nose the entire time but you couldn’t be bothered to at least have a look.

Utilize their creativity

A diverse team of people can help create a unique company culture that will foster and thrive upon creativity and innovation. However, you must first find people with creative minds that will join your startup’s team. People with different backgrounds and different experiences can bring in a fresh new perspective into your company. Therefore, when picking through job applicants, make sure you interview them in person and allow them to show off their creativity and innovative way of thinking.

This will allow you to find great minds that will have a lot to offer to your business. When you have a great and diverse team of thinkers, doers, creative souls and leaders, your startup business may easily evolve into a profitable enterprise that holds its competitive advantage exactly because it differs in the way of thinking than other companies on the market.

Explore new opportunities

Including diversity in your hiring process means that you should be open minded. As mentioned before, there are great people with great skills, knowledge and experience just waiting to shine. All you have to do is give them a chance to do so, and you will have done that by following our previous advice on eliminating the bias when either posting job applications or when screening the applicants.

As an example, one day you might consider expanding your business to the international market. In that case, wouldn’t it be better to have someone on your team who knows the people and the culture of the market you’re trying to penetrate because they themselves are from that foreign county? The fact of the matter is that diversity can help your startup thrive not because it’s politically correct to have a diverse team but because diversity has a vast potential that many employers are reluctant to explore.  

Having a diverse team for your startup business is a great opportunity that will allow your business to develop further. You need to look at the best in people and what they can offer, instead of focusing on the obvious, superficial qualities such as someone’s background, gender or ethnicity.



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