How can b2B companies properly understand their clients?

b2B (small business to big business) companies, including fintechs, often find it a challenge to get to grips with the realities faced by their differently scaled clients.

As ever in these matches, communication is key, but how can a team, or even an entire company, engage with a major client in such a way as to really get to understand not just what they do, but how and why they do it?

This was the question faced by Freddie Talberg, CEO of Pie Mapping, developers of sophisticated logistics software to enterprise level clients. His response to the question?

Hire a bus, book a hotel, and take the entire company over to DPD for a week long immersive. 

“We spent a week at their offices, we literally paid for hotels and hired a coach to get there. It was really enlightening and really helpful, to get under the skin of the customer. All the team got involved, even to the degree of travelling around with the truck drivers and experiencing the reality of their jobs. When you’re creating solutions, it’s all about getting clearer understanding of the problems. And the team have really started to appreciate what it means to deliver for a corporate client. It’s easy to sit remotely thinking they’re a big corporation, but they are all individual human beings, and it’s been enlightening to meet them and experience where the opportunities for system improvements are. As for the client, they really appreciated it, and it’s definitely strengthened our relationship with that client, having a team of 30, 35 people who all ‘get it’.

Now when we talk about a particular feature as a team we understand it in the same way from the same experience. And as we’re building a lot of platforms, around 5 different systems to come together, communicating across teams could be so tricky, but this process has really helped. Our challenge now is what resources do we need to expand into five EU countries.”

A company tour of Europe, perhaps?


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