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Harrington Starr Releases Future of Finance Documentary

Financial technology recruitment business Harrington Starr has released ‘The Era of Convergence’ documentary, focusing on the merge of traditional and decentralised finance. 

Harrington Starr looks at a range of topics in its documentary, ultimately attempting to understand where the future of finance could take us. The documentary addresses a range of questions throughout its running. These include:

The piece features guests from both traditional and decentralised finance, to get a clear view into the future of finance. Those featured includes:

  • Drew Forman, managing director and head of Cowen Digital
  • Erica Stanford, founder and CEO of Crypto Curry Club
  • Steve Grob, founder of Vision57
  • Lawrence Wintermeyer, chair at GBBC Digital Finance

Simon Barnby, CMO of Archax, explains in the documentary the problems that blockchain technology is able to solve. Barnby said: “The key thing here is efficiency. If you look at traditional financial markets today, although the actual trading activities are electronic, fast and super-efficient, what happens post-trade is massively inefficient.

“There are lots of intermediaries involved, lots of cross-checking, and reconciliations. It is an inefficient, expensive nightmare. Blockchain technology streamlines all of that.”

The documentary contains a range of views from industry experts, not only offering their views but also explaining recent financial phenomena.

You can view the trailer for the Harrington Starr documentary below: 


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