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Hamburg and Dubai Hospitals Use Chatbot and AI Created by Novomind Middle East and Africa

The recent pandemic has highlighted a new priority in health care for a wider digital transformation within the global market. Recently, Hamburg-headquartered novomind AG and Dubai’s Al Zahra Hospital have partnered, making appointments with doctors and clinics without any waiting times, quickly and conveniently via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the clinic website thanks to a chatbot-based live chat. To optimise the appointments service for patients and reduce the workload on hospital staff, the 187-bed private clinic relies on platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and software from novomind.

Employing 200 doctors and over 400 nurses, the hospital uses the novomind iAGENT omni-channel customer service platform with e-mail and chat module and web chatbot front end. novomind MEA (Middle East and Africa), the subsidiary of Hamburg-based software developer novomind AG, has additionally implemented a verified WhatsApp API and the Facebook Messenger with chatbot as new channels for the clinic’s appointment booking service as part of novomind iAGENT.

novomind AG has developed intelligent omni-channel commerce and customer service software solutions for global use since 2000 and is among the technology leaders in Europe. Its portfolio comprises standardized solutions for commerce companies and contact centers and includes the products novomind iPIM, novomind iSHOP, novomind iMARKET and novomind iAGENT. The use of AI is just as much part of the company’s service portfolio as the advantages of an international partner network. As an owner-managed company, novomind offers everything that is required today for modern omni-channel commerce and customer service.

Its team of over 400 employees currently serves about 250 companies and is growing steadily. Among its satisfied customers are C&A, CTS Eventim, Globetrotter, Görtz, Mammut, OTTO, Ernsting’s family, EnBW, babywalz and Sixt. For many years, international corporations, medium-sized enterprises and associations have relied on a cooperation and partnership with novomind. By setting up novomind MEA in April 2018, novomind entered the Middle Eastern and North African markets; the new subsidiary company ideally complements the existing fulfillment center in Egypt (novomind Egypt).

“We understand that the 2020 patient wants instant access and response and is not willing to wait, while otherwise doing everything from the comfort of their mobiles. Our AI-powered WhatsApp channel is perhaps the most convenient means to instantly book and access doctors’ schedules as well as provide a plethora of other services,” says Dr. Mohaymen Abdelghany, CEO of Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. Al Zahra Hospital Dubai was established in 2013, with the main aim to provide premium medical care and comfort, through state of the art equipment and world class medical experts.

The coronavirus coupled with wider digital transformation priotisations in the global market has also been felt in hospitals
The coronavirus coupled with wider digital transformation priotisations in the global market has also been felt in hospitals IMAGE SOURCE GETTY

The website and the messenger service give patients direct access to the schedules of the doctors at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. Appointments are made in real time. When booking, the patient communicates with the chatbot, which generates all information required for making an appointment. If all information is complete, the chatbot confirms the appointment. Secure communication is ensured by OTP authentication, with a one-time password sent to the patient by text message and requested during the booking process.

“Al Zahra Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Dubai to fully digitize their patients’ communication through integrate all its consumer-facing platforms under an artificial intelligence-powered umbrella eliminating waiting time for people seeking appointments or information. Being integrated with the hospital’s backend systems, the chatbot is able to interpret patients’ written requests and respond accordingly, as well as fully book appointments,” explains Hossam Amer, Managing Director, novomind MEA.

The virtual assistant can also hand over the live chat to a human contact. Such a handover is done automatically at the request of the patient or if the chatbot fails to answer a question more than three times.



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