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Gig Workers to Receive 5% Cashback From Moves at Gas Stations to Offset Increase in Prices

Gas prices have skyrocketed in the past year, but Moves, a company designed to tailor to gig workers in the US, has announced it will be offering five per cent cash back on all gas purchases. The surge in prices is causing a precipitous drop in take-home pay for rideshare drivers and couriers, placing these independent workers in financial jeopardy.

Earners of Uber, Lyft, Doordash or other major gig platforms can download Moves and apply for the Moves Spending Account. Once approved, users will receive cashback on their very first gas purchase. A minimum spend or balance is not required and cashback rewards are added back to the gig workers’ accounts weekly.

In addition to providing cashback on gas purchases, Moves Spending Account holders also secure access to all the benefits the company offers its members, including cash advances, free use of ATMs, stock rewards in the companies they earn on and early access to weekly payouts.

“The rapid increase in gas prices over the past few months has taken a huge bite out of take-home earnings for millions of gig workers,” said Matt Spoke, Moves’ CEO and founder. “We’ve heard and seen how much this impacts their livelihoods, and as a company dedicated to the financial wellbeing of gig workers, we knew we needed to take immediate action.”

While some rideshare platforms have introduced customer surcharges to offset the surging gas prices, the increases are not enough to cover the additional costs drivers may face. Moves’ cashback reward is deposited weekly, making it an easy way to save money at the pump.

Gig workers are getting squeezed right now,” added Spoke. “Companies that exist to support or service gig workers need to step up and help them during this time. Our cashback offering demonstrates our focus on solving critical and immediate challenges facing millions of gig workers. We heard their collective ask for help, and we responded.”


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