Gaming in the Digital Age

Over the past 45 years, gaming has shown remarkable growth in all forms across the world. Now, gaming is everywhere in our lives, from video games to consoles, from PCs to mobile. In other words, gamification has also become a part of our social media, messaging apps, and work-life balance.

Gaming was once a solitary niche activity and it has evolved into being firmly part of our mainstream culture. The Internet Trends Reports by internet guru Mary Meeker has dedicated a large section of gaming and its effect on various industries. According to the report, no other digital media has the engagement that gaming has. In addition, video games had gained more attention than Facebook, where the audience is engaged more in video games. Video games and mobile games had more attention than various social media platforms.

Casino Gaming

Casino gaming, for a long time, was about the atmosphere, socialising and having fun. Whilst this still exists, as many physical gaming casinos still do well, there are now more options than ever before. You can indulge in each of these elements without having to step foot outside your house. 

This isn’t to say you should never go to a physical casino, of course. It also isn’t endorsing for being lazy. Physical casinos can still be a fun experience, but gaming is about choice. You may decide that the local casino is showing a popular UFC fight, and you might want to enjoy roulette before it starts. Alternatively, you may decide that you want to play games on your mobile in bed. 

Having a lot of different games to play, having a choice of tables to play at, and having a choice on whether or not you want to go to a physical casino is why the digital age is revolutionary. It is not about one being better than the other is, but rather recognizing arising choices and trends in a growing industry.

Casino gaming in the digital age is a completely new experience. There are ways to simulate the traditional way of gaming, as well as new experiences to indulge in. Online gaming platforms have an incredible amount of games. Whether you like western-style themes or ancient Egyptian settings, there will be something for you. Online gaming has opened up the market so there are far more customers. This increase in demand has led to an incredible explosion in game development, meaning there is now more choice than ever before.

High-Quality Games

This has led to a rise in the quality of games, too. To capture the attention of the large market, there is a gamification of slot machines (among other games). This means some stories and characters are being introduced, bringing in new elements of entertainment. For example, Admiral Casino makes use of extremely high-quality stories and themes to captivate its audience.

Social Gaming

Social media is a new frontier for gaming. It is enough to think of online games and there are high chances to think about connected consoles or role-playing games. Facebook is out of the question; however, there are 1 billion hours spent in a month into social media gaming.

Rumbi Pfende, UK country manager for casual games portal Zylom by RealGames, has noted about what makes a social game more subtle. For her, a social game has a distinguishing feature where social gaming is about how a friend can perceive a gamer, which in turn it influences the type of games people play.

On the casino part, online gaming sounds like it’s deviating away from the social hub that physical casinos are. This is far from true. Online gaming has actually ended loneliness for many people who build online relationships by co-playing games with each other. Online chats are available, and the social aspect can actually be a driving force for people going online to game.

Social media, multi-player interactive games, and smartphones are embraced by the millennials. Why? Social games are a great way of enabling more casual gamers because social games are about bringing games to people who may have never played before.


VR gaming is the term that describes a new generation of video games that uses VR technology. The technology gives players a truly immersive, first-person perspective of game action. Players experience and influence the game environment through a variety of VR gaming devices and accessories.

Virtual Reality is also integrated into online gaming, which is having some huge effects. This is improving the social aspect even more so, as you’re now able to actually (well, not actually) sit next to each other at a table and talk via microphone. Additionally, the visual effects and immersion are only going to improve as more games are developed with VR in mind. In addition, on gaming platforms such as Steam, you will find many VR casino games and there is also a land-based casino in France that made the first VR blackjack in the world, in 2019.


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