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Funding Circle Extends Learning & Development Allowance in Money To Do More Scheme to £500

Funding Circle, a UK small business loan platform, has refreshed its ‘Money To Do More’ scheme with enhanced benefits for Funding Circle employees, known as Circlers.

The company has set aside £300k this year, with each of Funding Circle’s 600 Circlers in the UK receiving a £500 allowance to support their development and wellbeing.

The previously established Learning & Development allowance of £300 is designed to help individuals with achieving their personal and career development goals. The allowance can be spent on anything from relevant textbooks and subscriptions, through to classes or conferences. This supplements the extensive training resources available via the company’s internal training facility, the FC Academy.

The wellness allowance is a new addition to Funding Circle’s ‘Money To Do More’ scheme in 2022 and is designed to give Circlers the freedom to choose what they need to live a more healthy and balanced life. From new running shoes and gym classes/memberships, to a good book or cookery lessons, it is for Circlers to decide what will make a difference to their wellbeing. Circlers can also transfer their wellness allowance to support their Learning & Development allowance if they so wish.

Alexander Allen, UK managing director at Funding Circle, said, “Funding Circle is a mission-led business and our people and our culture are among our most important assets. We’re really proud of the value we place on the career development and wellbeing of our Circlers. Who else gives you money to buy running shoes or take up a new hobby of your choice? If it helps our Circlers feel good and find the right balance then it’s important to us as a business.”

The ‘Money To Do More’ scheme sits alongside an extensive range of employee benefits that Circlers enjoy including enhanced parental leave, equity for all Circlers, private medical insurance, and an electric car scheme. Funding Circle is currently recruiting for more than 70 roles in the UK.


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