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Gotta be honest… I just loved the cute as a button website! Tell me what you are please! So our readers understand 🙂

Finty is Singapore’s first rewards based online financial marketplace. Built with a consumer-first focus and operating with a unique revenue share strategy, we offer users cash rewards by consolidating financial solutions – starting with credit cards, expanding to include personal loans, with plans for other services including insurance, home loans and deposits.

And where are you based?

We’re based in Sunny Singapore, sometimes referred to as the Lion City or Garden City. We’re a small but ambitious city-state found in Southeast Asia. In the near future Finty plans to expand regionally because of the huge growth potential and opportunity driven by the rapid increase in consumer’s financial literacy and technology savviness.   Since our launch in April our limited self-funded resources have not hampered our results. In fact, our commitment to the consumers have been rewarded by an average of 2X month on month growth in terms of credit card applications!

What’s it like over there… I’ve never been … not yet anyway ….

We love Singapore! It’s a very beautiful city and the diversity of races and people from all over the world, makes it an amazing melting pot of cultures, traditions and food. This mix is both prevalent in both social and workplace settings and presents really interesting interactions and opportunities. Singapore is also a pretty efficient and fast-paced society. In fact, we Singaporeans take 5min train delays a bit too seriously.

How does your business work…. ?

Finty’s secret sauce is our revenue sharing strategy that is driven by our proprietary predictive model that ensures the business is viable while allowing customers to reap additional rewards, ultimately creating a three-way win for consumers, bank partners and of course Finty!

Who started it …. ?

Finty is run by a team of long-time friends comprising Kwok Zhong Li, Managing Director, who left his role as Vice President for eBusiness at OCBC Bank. He does this alongside Lucius Young, Marketing Director, who leads marketing efforts and currently works as a global Digital & PR lead at Unilever, and Jeremy Lim, Technology Advisor, who consults on software development for the startup, while working in a top international technology firm

Your website is cool and funky… is this typical for Singapore companies… or is it because you’re cool and funky!

Thanks, we love Fintnews also! is a reflection of us, not so sure about funky but we’re very cool and because you mentioned it we are now third party credible in this “cool and funky” space. We also believe that brand personality is a strong differentiator in the financial industry and we designed the website to be feel like that humorous and approachable super smart best friend that you can rely on .

FintNews Hearts Finty 🙂



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