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Does the fintech sector want a central robo advisor?

If the top fintech companies were to collaborate in the creation of a fintech robo advisor or Ai platform the functioning result would be an ‘intelligence infrastructure’ at the centre of the fintech ecosystem.

We could call her Fintelligentsia and obey her every command. Or FintMind if you prefer.

What in practice would it take?

1. A suitable Ai platform. Here at The Fintech Times we’ve had a number of meetings with IBM on this exact subject. Nothing consummated, just feeling each other up.

2. The agreement of a sufficient number of fintech companies to participate.

3. The fintechs would have to input into the platform in some way. Could be a weekly / monthly interview whereby the CEO / Directors / Technologists were asked a series of questions. These would then be inputted into the FintMind. And into our newspaper as it happens.

As with all tech, it’s not so much about ‘how do we do it?’, at this stage it’s more about ‘should we do it?’
There’s an opportunity, but is there a demand?

This is a genuine question. If the FintMind is created it will give the collaborating companies a certain competitive advantage. Question is, do they want it? We suspect they do, but need someone else to organise it and make it happen, which is actually what we are offering to facilitate.


Want to become part of the Fintmind?

First question.

FintMind or Fintelligentsia? 

Answers to 

[email protected]

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