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Finance Magnates Wraps Up Successful Three-Day Summit in London

The Finance Magnates London Summit (FMLS) 2022 celebrates a successful three-day networking event at the heart of the UK capital.

FMLS took over the halls of Old Billingsgate Market on the banks of the city’s famed river Thames this week from 21 to 23 November. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the conference, being the largest to date.

Interior of FMLS22
Interior of Finance Magnates London Summit 2022 inside Old Billingsgate Market

Celebrations began at the highly-anticipated Networking Blitz, which took place at the City of London’s Banking Hall on Monday night; just around the corner from the conference’s main location.

The conference’s debut event provided the perfect atmosphere for fintechs, payments service providers, cryptocurrency exchanges and institutional brokers to rub shoulders. With company-branded tables throughout, the Networking Blitz harboured the beginning of many fruitful business opportunities.

The opening party set the scene for the conference’s newly-expanded agenda, which incorporates coverage of four industry verticals. These include fintech, payments, online trading and digital assets and the blockchain; all of which featured heavily in the conference’s schedule.

The Networking Blitz was followed by two full days of scheduled events on Tuesday and Wednesday at Old Billingsgate, representing the expansion of FMLS in recent years.

The main venue attracted close to 3,500 attendees this year, who were joined by 130 speakers and over 150 different exhibitors.

The conference accommodated a varying array of industry panels, workshops and fireside chats led by pioneers of the financial services, crypto, payments and fintech industries.

The agenda was split across the venue’s three main stages: the Centre Stage, the Innovate Stage and the Inspire Stage.

Stage highlights
  • Crypto Hub in the Making: A Fireside Chat with MP Lisa Cameron

FMLS leveraged its key position within one of the world’s most prolific financial centres to identify the UK’s latest plans for fast-emerging technologies like cryptocurrency.

As chair of the crypto and digital assets All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), MP Lisa Cameron took to the Centre Stage on Tuesday morning to discuss the government’s initiatives for crypto.

Cameron was a key figure in the APPG’s inquiry into the UK’s regulatory stance on crypto in August of this year.

In her fireside chat with Chen Arad, COO of Solidus Labs, she laid clear her strategy for crypto and how it would work inside the regulatory framework. The discussion took into consideration consumer protections and the impact of the economic downturn.

Cameron’s well-attended and engaging session thoroughly outlined how the UK can overcome this impact, and what needed to be done to confirm its position as an international crypto hub.

  • The Future is Now: Is Online Trading Keeping Up in The Metaverse?

The FMLS is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its most contemporary focus yet. Moderated by The Fintech Times journalist Tyler Pathe, Tuesday’s highly-anticipated session provided extensive coverage of online trading’s abilities within the big wide world of the metaverse.

Pathe was joined on the Innovate Stage by metaverse and digital asset experts Tobias Bauer of Blockchain Founders Fund, Elizabeth Rossiello of AZA Finance, On Yavin of Cointelligence Fund and Caroline Hughes of Lifetise. Together, the panel defined the varying faces of the metaverse and explored its complex interaction with online trading and services.

The session honed in on international use cases for online trading in the metaverse, and prepared the wall-to-wall audience with a very clear insight into what one of the industry’s most exciting arenas has in store for the future.

  • Challenger Banks, The Challenges (and Opportunities) Ahead

Despite defining themselves as a core piece of the financial systems and a predicted 40 per cent penetration rate by 2027, challenger banks will struggle to remain dry from the post-pandemic economic thunderstorm.

Wednesday’s session, held by moderator Simon Hardie of Findexable on the Inspire Stage, was joined by Tasha Chouhan of Tink, John Woods of Zenus Bank, Felicia Meyerowitz Singh of FNZ and Hive Founders and Selin Burt Kut of Bitpanda White Label.

This panel proved that every cloud has a silver lining, and despite the roadblocks posed by the oncoming recession, indicators for growth and prosperity remain to be seized.

The conversation measured the current climate for challenger banks, including funding, partnerships and the latest service innovations.

The main venue attracted close to 3,500 attendees this year, who were joined by 130 speakers and over 150 different exhibitors.
FMLS22 Awards

The FMLS concluded on Wednesday night with its hotly-awaited awards ceremony. The awards recognise the industry’s pioneers, leading innovators and shakers.

The atmosphere inside Old Billingsgate was teeming with excitement as the winners were announced.

Some honourable mentions include:

Binance – Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

oneZero – Best Connectivity Provider

Saxo Bank – Best Retail Forex Broker

Vantage – Best Retail CFDs Broker

IG – Best Multi-Asset Broker

LMAX Global – Best ECN/Execution Venue

Finalto – Best B2B Liquidity Provider (Prime of Prime)

B2Broker – Best White Label Solution

MetaTrader 5 by MetaQuotes – Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform

CMC Markets – Best FX Trading Platform

SIX Group – Best ESG Strategy Implementation

Brokeree Solutions – Best Emerging Fintech


  • Tyler is a fintech journalist with specific interests in online banking and emerging AI technologies. He began his career writing with a plethora of national and international publications.

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