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Education Technology Receives Aid as BlueSnap Provide New Software

BlueSnap, the All-in-One Payment platform for global B2B and B2C businesses, has announced its continued efforts to empower and improve the digitalisation of payments in education, offering education software providers the increased efficiency, risk mitigation and improved overall user experience that today’s schools, students and parents expect from edtech.

Based on years of expertise in the nuances of the market, the company’s Modern Education Payments Solutions allow edtech providers to offer their customers a better experience by making it fast and easy for parents to manage school-related payments the way they want, which became even more critical during the pandemic. For schools, BlueSnap reduces the cost of payments processing, increases risk reduction and control, provides a plethora of payment options as well as best-in-class services, so they can focus more on teaching and other administrative work. In the increasingly sophisticated education software market, payments are quickly becoming an integral part of the ecosystem, and BlueSnap’s solutions are powering the education industry’s embrace of the rapid digital transformation that is redefining the relationship between education and technology.

With the education technology market valued at over $89billion for 2020 and growing, the administrative processes of education, like integrated payments, are rapidly becoming a centerpiece of software vendors enhancing the overall experience for schools and parents.

“As with most industries, the global pandemic has upended the education market and schools, education centers, learning centers and other academic organisations have all turned to technology solutions in order to solve their new challenges. And payments, be it tuition, donations, after school programs or otherwise, are a crucial, overlooked part of the equation as they’ve historically been managed separately rather than in one place,” said Jeff Coppolo, SVP, Global Sales at BlueSnap. “At BlueSnap, we understand the impact that digital payments can have on the entire education ecosystem, having navigated the nuances for years. In collaboration with our education partners, we’ve created a payment experience that is easy, fast and virtually frictionless for all parties involved.”

BlueSnap’s market-tested solutions, including white-label solutions, automated, customised onboarding application and simplified compliance, have attracted notable edtech partner integrations like Teaching Strategies, Faria, Snowman Software, Proclass, Finalsite and more.

“In today’s world, schools need online payment platforms for everything from donations to school fees. Through our partnership with BlueSnap, schools worldwide can have an intuitive, mobile-friendly payments system built right into their Finalsite websites. BlueSnap has been a great partner and has supported Finalsite and our clients every step of the way,” said Keven Grasso, Partner Program Manager at Finalsite.


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