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Dutch FinTech company ensures fast and safe distribution of financial support to citizens of Curaçao

Curaçao has been hit very hard by the coronavirus outbreak. The Curaçao government has issued emergency aid and made funds available for essential goods such as food and drinks. With a special card with a credit on it, people can pay for these items at supermarkets.

The management of the credit and the settlement of funds is made possible by Dutch company KUARIO International BV. KUARIO provides the digital voucher platform with which these credits can be managed quickly and safely.

The Curaçao government has created a ‘digital voucher’ for a group of people that already receive income support. Families receive an extra financial contribution for 3 months, that can be spent at designated local supermarkets. This ensures local spend and rightful award of the additional aid to around 7,000 families on the island.

The digital voucher, which is distributed in the form of a payment card, is personalized and contains a QR code that can be used to pay in the supermarket. Participants first have to identify themselves at the cash register with an identity card or passport. Retailers complete the payment by scanning the QR code using the specifically developed KUARIO SLIM PDQ app. This app works in conjunction with the KUARIO Digital Voucher Platform and is available on Android smartphones & tablets.

The KUARIO platform takes care of the complete transaction handling process, hereby unburdening the participating retailers and the Curaçao government of any extra work. The solution is made possible with local Curaçao distributors and is completely contactless which is another very important benefit, especially in these times of Covid-19.


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