NFT esports memorabilia sold for $100,000 on Dmarket
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DMarket Announces Sale of Esport NFT Memorabilia for a Record $100,000

DMarket, an NFT and in-game items platform for game developers, players, esports clubs, brands, streamers and fans everywhere, announced it had completed a record-breaking online sale, selling the NAVINATION Season 1 NFT Cup for $100,000 via a p2p trade on — the biggest sale in the history of NFT esports memorabilia. 

The NAVINATION Season 1 NFT Cup is a part of the NAVINATION metaverse, launched by one of the biggest esports teams in the world, NAVI, and supported by NAVI became the first esports team to release NFTs as a part of a fan support campaign. is an app developed by DMarket, with the Beta version of it being launched in February 2021. It allows streamers, esports teams, brands and influencers to drop customised NFTs on Twitch and Instagram. Users get NFT drops for free while watching streams on Twitch and Instagram, they then craft those drops to create unique items. Both crafted items or drops are tradable on In the next few weeks, adopters will be able to receive instant NFT drops by sharing hashtags such as #dropgg and #navination on Twitter.  

“ has been built to make influencers, brands and Twitch streamers even more popular thanks to drops and crafts. This technology makes it easy to imagine influencers such as Twitch superstar Ninja taking part, dropping his unique NFT memorabilia on his streams and the success and notoriety that this could cause. The audience will go crazy for NFTs, in a good way. It’s an amazing opportunity for streamers to gain more love, dedication, engagement, 100% retention and monetise their own brands by creating and dropping unique NFT memorabilia,” said DMarket’s CEO and Founder, Vlad Panchenko

Within two weeks of launch, hundreds of NAVINATION NFTs had been crafted and sold, often for a high price due to the limited collection produced to that point. Gamers are now earning themselves thousands of dollars from watching free live streams, despite the new system only being in place for one month, as they take advantage of the drops system to craft unique items. 

The community around the project is growing rapidly. There are more than 50,000 people currently participating in NAVINATION, collecting and trading esports NFT memorabilia. Based on stats, 100% of NAVINATION participants retain their membership. 


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