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Cryptospace Moscow 2017: “This is not just a party, this is a historic talent grab…”

More than 55 speakers from 30 countries, more than 3000 participants, 6 sections, 12 hours of speeches and continuous networking. At Cryptospace, one of the largest blockchain and crypto event of the year, the world’s blockchain celebrities discussed crypto trading instruments, blockchain implementation into business, predicted the price of the bitcoin and chose the best ICO project.

The message has been spread with great resonance from every spot of the crypto world, way beyond the Russian crypto community. The world is ready for innovation, the point of no return has been passed a while ago; the blockchain technology is about to revolve everything. We are looking at a world of no double-spending, we are now putting more bricks into the basis of decentralized control, communities and industries attract more and more attention to the innovative potential.

The most frequently asked question was about the bitcoin price. According to the famous cryptotrader Peter Sin, by the end of the year we can expect the Bitcoin price fixing at around $20,000.

What was essential is the point of the whole event was to highlight the opportunities of the big tomorrow’s economy that are starting their way today, and in the growing financial power of cryptoworld many were looking for a place to be. A lot of speculation and consideration dedicated to cryptotrade was driving people together, so one of the most intensive sections went non-stop for the whole day, and many speakers contributed: “As a matter of fact, most people are losing their money for they only deal with frequent speculation”, Anatoly Radchenko, United Traders.






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