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Creditinfo SME Scorecard Solution Heading for Kenya

It is reported that the global credit information and decision analytics provider Creditinfo Group is to launch a scorecard solution, specifically tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Through its unique approach to data and algorithms, this scorecard will help financial institutions improve their credit assessment and facilitate financing to the SME market, which has typically been less able to access finance.

Whilst recognising the importance of a holistic approach to SME risk assessment, Creditinfo is aiming to roll out a global solution to address this challenge. The company is expected to introduce their SME scorecard first in Kenya, ahead of a wider rollout across neighbouring African nations; followed by an implementation within several other key economies across the world.

The unique modelling approach Creditinfo has developed significantly reduces, and in some cases eliminates, the human effort needed to assess customers’ risk profile based on credit data. It is delivered in a software platform that unifies, streamlines, automates, and centralises the risk evaluation process. The incorporation of these elements has demonstrated Creditinfo’s SME scorecard to be considerably more efficient at predicting business failure than existing traditional models.

“SMEs drive innovation and push digitalisation forward for many people by providing services to underserved segments of the population and creating job opportunities,” comments Burak Kilicoglu, Director of Global Markets at Creditinfo. “SME scorecards will accelerate access to finance for the benefit of the whole economic ecosystem. At Creditinfo we have access to a wealth of credit bureau data as a starting point, and so are uniquely positioned to offer this solution in global markets.”

Kamau Kunyiha, CEO, Creditinfo CRB Kenya
Kamau Kunyiha, CEO, Creditinfo CRB Kenya

Kamau Kunyiha, CEO of Creditinfo CRB Kenya, added, “Kenya is the most dynamic and receptive market for SME lending innovation, demonstrated by the successful adoption of mobile wallets and microloans. We look forward to seeing the economic impact of this new solution as it comes into full effect and we see more capital flowing through the SME economy.”


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