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CopPay Adds Bitcoin Cash to the Register

CopPay allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies, most recently BCH and get it instantly settled in either fiat or crypto versions.

With over 60 merchants already signed up to CopPay this is a payment processor going places and so it is no surprise to see them add BCH to their portfolio. Originally, launched to cater to the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, CopPay is starting to branch out further into Europe, most recently signing up
merchants in Portugal.

Ina Samovich, CopPay CEO commented: “BCH has quickly established itself in the cryptocurrency world and those low transaction fees and safe 0-confirmation transactions are a natural draw for any merchant. As we expand our business, it’s important we offer both the consumer and the merchant the best options we can
and are constantly striving to do just that.”

BCH is the world’s only digital, low-cost, fast, secure transaction-based currency and the only Bitcoin that adheres to the original Satoshi Nakamoto white paper. Average transaction costs on BCH are $0.002 compared with $2.00 when using the Segwit Bitcoin and traditional payments are subject to a 2-4% commission for transactions on the Visa network.


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