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Cloud in Focus: Steve Dorward, Lead Architect, Group Functions, Lloyds Banking Group

Steve is a Lead Architect within Group Transformation Architecture & Strategy division. He has recent Software & Platform cloud vendor selection experience and involved in a number of initiatives to position Cloud as the future state architecture. He has many contacts within the IT industry be it vendors or peer FS companies.

Alongside his Enterprise and Group Functions (People, Legal, Strategy & Audit) responsibilities Steve works closely on a number of Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity programmes.

What do you feel is the greatest innovation of 2018?

In the Cloud SaaS space then it’s definitely Applied Sciences…the collective term for AI, automation, robotics and machine learning.

The same can be said for FS, where chatbots are now in production for customer facing retail.

Where do you envisage the future of core banking infrastructure?

Hard to see a time when large retail banks will be comfortable moving their core banking platforms into public cloud. I don’t think the regulators will allow it.

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What is the greatest challenge facing banks migrating to cloud?

Data privacy and security risk assessment. Both are driven by the Regulator. Having a strong internal risk framework and process is key.

Alongside this, having a way to ensure all internal cyber, security and risk directors are bought in is crucial, but it is not an easy or quick task.

ere to offer three key takeaways for those dedicated to infrastructure, what would they be?

  • Create and review your risk framework around data security
  • Private and public cloud are very different. How will you know that your cloud SaaS vendors have moved to public cloud?
  • The questions you ask a vendor around infrastructure are very different to traditional IT. For example, ‘are you more interested in data security and internet controls than type and speed or processor?’

Join Steve as he speaks on Cloud SaaS Selection and Governance on December 6th as part of the Reimagining IT and InfrastructureConference at this year’s FinTech Connect!  Use the code FT15 to get 15% off tickets. 


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