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Bunq have planted over 70,000 trees in just 3 months!

To celebrate this huge milestone, we’d like to take a look back at some of our favourite moments over the last year: from launching bunq Green Card and planting this legendary number of trees, to expanding to 22 additional European countries and doubling our total user deposits to €433,410,761. Check out some of our biggest 2019 highlights below:

We planted over 70,000 trees in less than 3 months ?

Your enthusiasm and support for bunq Green Card continues to amaze us! In just 3 months since the launch of bunq Green Card, we’ve planted 70,000 trees. How was this possible? Every time you spent €100, we planted a tree. Before we knew it, that one tree turned into 100, and those 100 trees will soon turn into 100,000!

Just by making the same everyday purchases you always made, you helped us contribute to a greener world. This goes to show how one small change can truly make a positive difference!
What’s even cooler about this? The trees we plant through our partner Eden Reforestation Projects capture 308kg CO2 over their 25-year life span. This means that the average Green Card user can start offsetting their yearly carbon footprint and become completely carbon free in just three years!


We went global and launched in 22 additional markets ?

This year we decided to take borderless banking even further and entered into 22 new European markets! Anyone in the entire European Union, Norway and Iceland can now fully experience our unique features to make life easy. On top of this, we’ve launched Apple Pay in 5 new countries: Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria and Portugal. So our international bunqers can start banking even easier than ever too!


We made products you love to use and doubled our user deposits to €433,410,761 ?

You told us what features you want to see, and we listened. After all, we want to make products that you actually want to use. That’s why our total user deposit growth is super important to us, as it reflects how committed our users are about using bunq and reflects how the app is ultimately being used. We’re excited to announce that this year, we’ve doubled our total amount of deposits to €433,410,761!

Additionally, we found out that 62% of our bunq Premium accounts are major usage accounts. These are accounts that are consistently being used with deposits higher than €1,000. In other words, accounts where at least €1,000 is being held between all sub-accounts.

Our average deposits were more than double this! By the end of 2019, our bunq Premium users had an average deposit of €2.322 per month. We’re very happy to see that such a big part of our community truly loves to use bunq.


We gave you Freedom of Choice ?

bunq is created to bring color and diversity to an otherwise uniform financial sector. That’s why we aren’t your typical challenger bank. Instead of improving the products we already have, we continuously innovate new products dedicated to your wants and needs, giving you the freedom to bank the way you want to. Not how we tell you to.

When launching Freedom of Choice, we were the first bank in the world to let you decide where your money is stored and how to use it. This year, we took the next step and became the first bank that gives you the right to decide whether you would like to receive any interest at all on the money in your bunq account. We introduced an opt-out option for people that felt interest didn’t match their beliefs. You should get total control of your money. It’s your money after all.


We earned a groundbreaking €0 selling your data ?

In this digital era, knowing how much you earn and where you spend your money might be the most valuable information for businesses out there. We believe that what’s yours should stay yours, data included. That’s why we stand by our users and will never sell your data to anyone. Not to retailers, not to credit card companies. To no one.

We’re super excited to announce that over the course of the last year, we’ve earned a groundbreaking €0 from selling your data.


We couldn’t have done it without you! ?

You, our users, are what makes us so special. That’s why we could not have reached any of these yearly milestones without you.

In total, we’ve implemented 30+ wishes from (our online community) in 2019 and sold out a thousand seats at DeLaMar Theater- all of the last 3 times you joined us for unforgettable nights at our renowned bunq Updates.

We are truly grateful for your endless enthusiasm and our best year yet. 2020, let’s do it!


Bianca Zwart
Bianca Zwart Head of PR & Communication


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