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BlockEx hires Head of Capital Markets

We are pleased to announce that James Godfrey has joined us to take up the role of MD, Capital Markets. James has over thirty years experience in the bond markets, leading and building up trading teams at UBS, Commerzbank, Nomura and Mizuho.

After years of development work on the BlockEx DAXP, the platform is now ready to launch. To help issuers leverage the power of Blockchain and access the BlockEx network, BlockEx is building a suite of origination tools  for or “asset creation tool with Bonds being the first product ready product. BlockEx is able to handle the entire lifecycle of a digital assets including origination. James thirty years of credit experience is the perfect fit for BlockEx. Shortly following the launch bond of the bond tool, BlockEx plans on launching other debt origination products.

Adam Leonard, CEO said “It’s exciting to know that BlockEx is able to attract someone as senior as James (a former MD of some the world’s most respected banks)  joining a fintech this gives a clear indication of where the emphasis is changing within the industry!, James’ credit trading experience is the perfect for fit BlockEx as we monetise nearly 3 years of development.

James Godfrey said, “This is a very exciting opportunity and although I am currently on the world’s steepest learning curve it feels good to be at the cutting edge and leading the charge towards more efficient global financial markets!”

About BlockEx

BlockEx is a Digital Asset Platform created to handle the entire lifecycle of a digital asset. Enabling the Creation, Issuance, Servicing and Exchange of financial assets created using Blockchain. Customers include corporates, financial institutions, governments and retail traders.

The core of the BlockEx platform is the BlockEx Pooled Liquidity Exchange, a lightning quick HFT matching engine built to meet the needs of traditional banking institutions, governments retail trading, firms and retail traders. BlockEx tool kits include asset creation tools and brokerage software.

Built to be regulator-friendly with compliant business models, BlockEx self-regulates where regulation does not exist and works with regulators where it does. We are focused on becoming the Trusted Authority in the new banking world, powered by distributed ledger and cryptographic-based securities.

Adam Leonard, BlockEx CEO



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