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Binance Launches New Cameroon Crypto Education Hub

Binance, the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has announced the launch of a crypto education hub in Yaoundé, Cameroon,

This is in collaboration with Inoni Tech, a non-profit tech hub providing resources and training for young people across Francophone Africa.

This is a first-of-its-kind crypto hub, and will be a training centre for in-person blockchain education sessions. Through this hub, Binance will equip crypto enthusiasts with more resources to thrive within the ecosystem as well as foster offline connections.

Located in the neighbourhood of Bastos, 300 meters away from the restaurant The Famous, the crypto hub will create a smoother, safer and more hands-on experience for Binancians and crypto beginners at large. Through regular in-person events, the centre will be the focal point for the community with regards to crypto education, up-to-date crypto news and training.

Spreading the word about cryptocurrency

Since the launch of the Binance Masterclass Education Series, Binance has educated over 600,000 Africans about cryptocurrency – some offline and others, virtually. The launch of the crypto hub takes the education efforts a step further, increasing trust and building connections.

“Africans continue to interact with crypto in very different ways, establishing some of its most important use cases and opportunities for greater financial inclusion. Through the Binance crypto hub, we see a more on-the-ground approach as an essential step in demystifying the concepts, fostering the right understanding of the many opportunities that education, web 3.0 and blockchain ecosystem can bring to Cameroon and ultimately, Francophone Africa,” said Carine Dikambi, Francophone Africa lead at Binance.

By bringing more in-person experiences, Binance is a step closer to the goal of improving crypto literacy and adoption in the region. Additionally, regular skills training sessions will help to create new job opportunities for Cameroonians – with many able to learn new skills in order to remain employable globally.


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