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BCMstrategy, Inc. to Expand Availability of Patented Public Policy Metrics

BCMstrategy, Inc. the public policy risk measurement specialist, is expanding the availability of its risk metrics to provide FinTech firms with additional, standardised policy trend projection. The offering provides 360-degree views of global policy trends in three key issue areas: FinTech regulation (monthly), cryptocurrency and payments regulation (weekly), and USMCA ratification (weekly). Expanded policy coverage is expected in the second half of 2019.

BCMstrategy, Inc. is a technology company that uses patented processes to analyse automatically the language of the policy process. The process also automatically converts lexicon elements into structured data in order to support dynamic, interactive visualisations that accelerate strategy formation. It was used daily in analog format for over five years in order to provide accurate policy trend projections regarding global economic, regulatory and geopolitical policy. Technology platform automations today deliver data visualisations that include measures of momentum regarding specific issues and time-series data disaggregated by activity type for any given issue or lexicon term. Platform access currently is only available to a small number of “Early Adopter” enterprise-level customers.

Based in Alexandria, VA, the company announced the product launch in Toronto, Canada at the Collision 2019 conference where it is exhibiting its new technology platform. Aggregated data analysis from the platform will now be available to subscribers on a weekly and monthly basis, just in time for the summer summit season when the Group of Seven, the Group of Twenty, the Financial Stability Board, and other policymakers meet.

Policymakers worldwide continue to intensify their efforts globally to regulate various elements of the FinTech sector. They have also signalled an interest in expanding the financial regulation perimeter to “big tech” companies that continue to expand into the payments and digital currency issuance. Not all these efforts are coordinated much less convergent.

“We are excited to help FinTech companies harness the power of the data revolution to minimise proactively their exposure to public policy risk by providing objective, transparent data,” said Barbara C. Matthews, Founder and CEO of BCMstrategy, Inc. “Our patented data provides a unique value proposition to a FinTech market seeking more effective tech-savvy ways to assess and anticipate public policy risks. For many firms, even a small shift in regulatory policy can have a material impact on the viability of their business. We want to be sure that the most innovative new entrants in the FinTech sector also have access to the most innovative and accurate ways to measure public policy risks and anticipate outcomes accurately.”

The new products provide high level data analysis and policy trend projection through regularly issued reports. Weekly analysis on Friday will identify prevailing policy trends globally at the intersection of cryptocurrency regulation, payment systems regulation, and e-currency (including central bank digital currency) regulation. Monthly analysis will deliver macrotrend projection regarding the FinTech industry as a whole, with separate sections assessing trends in insurtech, payments/digital assets, and banking. The reports will all be data-driven, relying on observed policy developments globally. They will include data visualisations from the platform.

The reports will broaden the availability of this data-driven approach to public policy risk management to small and medium-sized companies that do not need daily interactive data access. They also decrease the distractions of the noisy news cycle and decrease the time wasted on reaction functions, thus delivering significant efficiency gains for companies without government relations teams in multiple national capitals.

“We are committed to helping professionals at companies of all sizes read smarter and connect the dots faster when it comes to the often chaotic news cycle regarding FinTech public policy,” said Ms. Matthews.

“As a small company, we understand well the challenges that small companies have when seeking to acquire information and react strategically to new developments. This is why we built the platform in the first place. Today’s launch of these three publications makes it possible for more companies to achieve efficiency gains and make smarter business decisions with a clearer picture of looming policy risks made possible by advanced technology. When those companies grow and require daily interactive platform access, we will be glad to design transition products to suit their needs as well.”


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