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Bank of Ghana Establishes Fintech and Innovation Office

Ghana is aiming to be an emerging fintech hub in Africa, in particular Accra, the capital and largest city. The following is a press release from the 5th of May announcing the establishment of a new fintech and innovation office by the Bank of Ghana.

Accra, the capital and largest city of Ghana SOURCE GETTY

The Bank of Ghana has established a new FinTech and Innovation Office to drive the Bank’s cash-lite, e-payments, and digitisation agenda. The emergence of FinTech solutions has introduced significant complexities that require the sector supervisor’s focus, to understand and supervise effectively.

The new FinTech and Innovation Office will be responsible for licensing and oversight of dedicated electronic money issuers (mobile money operators), payment service providers (PSPs), closed loop payment products, payment support solutions and other emerging forms of payment delivered by non-bank entities. The office will also develop policies to promote FinTech, innovation and interoperability in Ghana.

Stakeholders and the general public are advised to contact the FinTech and Innovation Office for further information, and to direct all enquiries to:


The Head FinTech and Innovation Office

Bank of Ghana

1 Thorpe Road Accra,

Ghana Tel: +233 30 273 9650

Email: [email protected]




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